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  • Keep the most complete Raiders of Maple Leaf Card

    The Canadian Maple Leaf Card is valid for five years from the date of the card. Regardless of whether you apply for the Maple Leaf Card for the first time or re-apply for the second Maple Leaf Card after the expiration of the five-year period, you must pass the “residence test”. Anyone who holds a permanent residence status in Canada must fulfill the residency obligation for more than 730 days in any five-year period. . Many friends who hold Maple Leaf cards have lived in Canada for less than 730 days for various private reasons, but want to retain Canadian immigration status. We are here to introduce you to the most complete Raiders of Maple Leaf Card.

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  • Application guide

    Exclusive Secret Maple Card Application Guide, original literal translation, let you easily understand the Canadian Immigration Maple Leaf Card Application Guide

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  • Entry requirements

    Anyone who is about to enter Canada, whether it is a Canadian permanent resident or citizen who returns, or a student, tourist or new immigrant, must go through the check-in. Therefore, understanding Canada’s entry procedures for inspections, reducing the hassles that can be avoided in customs clearance, and saving clearance into inspection time is critical for those who are about to enter Canada.

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  • Ten New Deal

    The Maple Leaf Card policy of the Canadian Immigration Department is constantly changing. Each applicant must have an understanding of the immigration Department's new policy for renewing the Maple Leaf Card to ensure that the submitted application materials meet the requirements of the Department of Immigration.

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