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[PR Card Extension] Just getting PR Card to prepare for the next stage of the insurance card is a worry and effort!

2019-03-27 12:27

It is considered the most sensible choice when the applicant has just landed in Canada to prepare for the retention of PR Card for the next five years.
According to the Canadian Immigration Law, you can only get a new PR Card if you live in Canada for 730 days or 2 years in five years. Because PR Card has five years to expire, the applicant has enough time for In the future, I will keep PR card in preparation. In addition to being able to successfully keep PR Card, I can create a good condition for naturalization in this five-year cycle.
Permanent residents who have just landed in Canada can begin to prepare evidence of residency in advance so that they can be provided to the Canadian Immigration Service in the future, as evidence of the performance of the relevant residency obligations in Canada. The most important factor in retaining PR Cards by Canadian permanent residents It is to check whether the applicant has lived for two years in the first five years from the date of application, so the time when the applicant becomes a permanent resident and the expiration time of PR Card will have important reference value for the formulation of PR Card.
The Canadian Immigration Department is scrutinizing immigrants who do not reside in Canada. The immigration status of offenders will be written off, and this may affect local Chinese immigrants because many Chinese often do not return as required. According to the Canadian Immigration Act After the immigrants are allowed to join, they must live for two years in five years, otherwise they will be cancelled their immigration status. As early as 2002, Canada issued a PR card to the approved immigrants to replace the previous permanent residence permit. Updated every five years.