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[PR Card Handling] Note: If you apply for a visa as a return visa, you will lose your permanent residence status!

2019-03-27 12:36

    Every time I hear a permanent resident of Canada, I have a ten-year travel visa without knowing it. As a result, I am sorry for the parties when I give up my identity. I must pay attention to the signing of the identity waiver. After the file, it is difficult to recover. The best way is to find a professional team of lawyers, restore identity and retain PR card. Don't give up permanent resident status easily! Don't give up permanent resident status easily! Don't give up permanent resident status easily! The important thing is said three times...)
If you are outside the country and need a travel document to return to Canada, you should apply for a permanent resident return visa instead of a tourist visa from the overseas visa office.
Before the immigration officer issues the return visa, the applicant will first check whether the applicant has fulfilled the residence obligation (five years in five years). If the living conditions are met, the R-1 visa will be issued, and you can return to the visa normally. Canada, and apply to the Department of Immigration for a replacement of the PR Card. If it is found that it has not fulfilled its residency obligations, it will be issued a RC-1 (or RX-1, RA-1) type of return visa and will be informed that it has the right to be within 60 days. Appeal to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal. You can appeal within the time limit and return to Canada to appear in court, otherwise you will lose your permanent resident status.
If you do not want to continue to retain Canadian permanent resident status
Or you can't meet the permanent resident's living obligations, or you don't want to wait for overseas immigration officials to judge whether you are eligible for permanent resident status. You can also fill out the IMM5782 form, apply for voluntary waiver of permanent resident status, and attach photos and valid passports ( The expired PR Card is not submitted to the Embassy in Beijing, the Consulate General of Shanghai, the Consulate General of Hong Kong or the Ottawa Processing Center. The consequence of this will be the direct loss of permanent resident status and no right to appeal. Then you can In accordance with normal procedures, apply for a short-term resident visa for travel or other purposes as a foreigner.
Please also note that voluntary waiver of permanent resident status application and short-term resident visa application cannot be submitted together. If you apply by paper application, please submit the two applications in two different envelopes.