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[Renewing PR Card] Detailed explanation of common problems in getting PR card!

2019-03-27 12:45


User question: How long is the deadline for receiving PR Card?
PR Card Center: Generally, the processing time of PR Card is 8~12 weeks. Applicants must personally pick up the letter to the designated place. They can not be accepted by others. The Immigration Department will save the applicant for 180 days after the card is made. If the applicant fails to If the card is collected within the time limit, the card will be destroyed. The applicant must reapply the application.
User question: How to get a PR card?
PR Card Center: New Canadian immigrants in Canada will automatically receive a permanent resident card (PR Card), which is a program of Canadian immigration process. New immigrants, immigrants landing in Canada for the first time, preferably in Canada To the Canadian Border Service Department, the Customs failed to provide a mailing address. After entering the customs, please provide it as soon as possible.
After entering Canada, new immigrants can also provide their own mailing address in Canada online through the official website of the Canadian Immigration Service, or contact PR Card Service Center (number: 1 800 255-4541), but the above two methods are only available in English. And French service. Please note that if the immigration office does not receive the mailing address of the new immigrant after 180 days of entry, the immigrant will need to reapply for PR Card and pay the application fee.
If the new immigrant still does not receive PR Card within 30 days after providing the mailing address to the Canadian Immigration Service, please call the Immigration PR Card Telephone Service Center.
A. How long is PR card used?
PR Card is generally used for five years. In five years, it will accumulate in Canada for two years to retain permanent resident status and update PR Card. But in special circumstances, such as accompanying Canadian citizens overseas, for Canadian companies overseas Work, etc., can still retain permanent resident status.
B. Canadian immigrants must receive PR Card within six months
According to reports, if the permanent resident who has been issued a PR Card has not received it within six months, the Immigration Department will destroy the card. The applicant must apply again. The number of people applying for PR Card will reach 1.5 million.
The system of permanent resident card (ie PR Card) stipulated in the New Immigration Law is the first in the history of immigration. After January 1, 2004, PR Card must be used to enter Canada. The original IMM1000 immigration paper will be invalidated from now on.
According to reports, regardless of their age, applicants must personally go to the designated place to receive the notice. They cannot be accepted. The immigration department will only save the applicant for 180 days after the card is issued. If the applicant fails to collect it within the time limit, the card will be destroy.