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[Preserving PR Card] Detailed requirements and conditions for the replacement of the new card for the Canadian PR Card

2019-03-27 13:39

   Recently, more and more customers of PR Card expired, what are the requirements for replacing the PR Card, especially if they are not full, please consult us. In this issue, we have obtained new applicants in combination with hundreds of different cases. The successful experience of the PR card, the following requirements for the replacement of the Canadian PR card, as follows.

Requirements for replacement of Canadian PR Card Residence
Every permanent resident must meet the residency requirements for each five-year period. The following conditions are considered to meet these residency requirements:
1. There are a total of 730 days in each five-year period actually living in Canada;
2. A spouse who is accompanied by a Canadian citizenship abroad or a parent who is accompanied by a Canadian citizenship;
3. Full-time employment outside a Canadian business or performing official duties in Canada or a province;
4. Accompanied by a spouse who has a Canadian permanent resident status or a parent who is accompanied by a Canadian permanent resident who is employed full-time in a Canadian business or performs a business in Canada or a province.
Inspection of the replacement of Canadian PR card residence requirements
1. If you have not landed in Canada for five years, you will still be able to meet your residency requirements within five years from the date of becoming a permanent resident;
2. If you have been in Canada for more than five years, have you met the residence requirements in the first five years since the date of the inspection?
The old immigration law enforced before 2002 regulates the identity of permanent residents, focusing on the "subjective factors" of the permanent resident himself. If he stayed in Canada for less than 2 years in 5 years, his "subjective will" is not 4. I intend to abandon Canada as his permanent residence. Then, according to the old immigration law, his immigration status will not be lost.
The new immigration law basically completely eliminates the "subjective factor" and instead adopts the absolute "objective factor" standard. That is to say, the permanent resident lives in Canada for at least 2 years in 5 years, or meets the other two above. An objective standard, that is, to accompany a Canadian nationality spouse to live overseas or to be sent overseas by a Canadian company, otherwise, the PR Card will be confiscated.
Calculation of the replacement time of the Canadian PR Card
Calculating the starting and ending time of 5 years has always been a hot spot for immigrants. First of all, it is not counted from the time of immigration registration; secondly, it is not counted from the time of getting the PR card. The law stipulates that the period of 5 years can only be Every time you plan to enter the Canadian border, count down to five years. As long as you can prove that in the five-year period, through one of the three methods mentioned above, meet the requirements of 2 years of residence, No problem.