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[Renewing PR Card] As immigrants live in Canada, it will become more and more difficult to keep PR card. It is recommended to prepare as soon as possible!

2019-03-27 13:49

   The Canadian PR Card is a permanent resident of Canada. PR Card is a certificate and a Chinese ID card. It is an important document for Canadian permanent residents to enter and leave Canada. Therefore, it plays a vital role in the permanent residents of Canada.
   The most important factor in replacing PR Card is to check whether the applicant has lived for two years in the five years prior to the application date. Therefore, before the application, the time to become a permanent resident and the time limit for the validity of PR Card It will have important reference value for the development of the plan to retain PR card. So how do you keep PR card? When do you want to keep PR Card? These questions are a big problem that plagues immigrant friends. Let's explain the different stages in detail. Keep PR card difficult to Chengdu and how to deal with it, hope to help everyone!
    随着移民在加国的居住时间推移 保留枫叶卡也会越来越难 建议尽早做准备!
1. When the applicant has just landed in Canada, he is ready to apply for PR Card. Professionals think this is a wise choice. Because, in addition to successfully obtaining PR Card, it has created favorable conditions for the applicant to be naturalized in the future;
2. When PR Card of the Canadian immigrant applicant is at least two years old, it is usually called the Safety PR Card. No matter what kind of scheme is provided for the applicant, it is the safest for the applicant to obtain PR Card. The applicant spends the least amount of time when the applicant’s PR Card is least worried;
3. When PR Card of the Canadian immigration applicant is 6-7 months before the expiration, although it is in a safe period, if there is any problem in one link, this will lead to the expected delay in the future. It is a pity that PR card expires artificially, which makes it unfortunate. Therefore, the applicant should not take it lightly when adopting the normal treatment plan;
4. When PR Card of the Canadian immigration applicant is less than 3 months before the expiration, the applicant's PR Card is in a dangerous state at the time, and an expedited plan will be adopted;
5. When PR Card of the Canadian immigration applicant expires, the professional lawyer will use the exception clause of the Canadian Immigration Law and design the most reasonable plan according to the actual situation of the applicant, so that the applicant's PR Card will be brought back to life;
6. At the same time as the insurance card, plan for the next five years in advance, and make a comprehensive consideration for the next five-year insurance card or naturalization, so that it can save worry, save time and effort.