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[PR Card expires] Replace Maple Cards: It is especially important to choose to apply for replacement!

2019-03-27 14:00

    Due to the introduction of the New Deal of the PR Card by the Canadian Immigration Service, it is now 4-6 months to change the PR card normally. Therefore, Xiao Bian here reminds all Canadian permanent residents to ensure that they can get the next 5 years of maple leaves. Card, free to enter and leave Canada. I hope that everyone will try to change the PR Card as soon as possible and as soon as possible, and grasp the best time to change the card.
Replace the PR cycle
1. The PR Card is about 7-8 months before the expiration; or
2. The PR Card has expired.
Replace Maple Card Process
1. PR Lawyer Online Evaluation Form
2. Fill in your information online
(1) The following information is only for PR Card lawyers to evaluate the customer's PR card status, and is absolutely confidential for customers, not used for it, to protect customer privacy;
(2) After receiving your information, PR Card will send the evaluation results to you via SMS or email within 24 hours.
(3) If you need to meet with PR Card Consultant, please send the evaluation result and appointment time to our email address!
Replace the PR Card program to start
1. The customer signs the original documents of the two PR cards issued by the Immigration Department;
2, to provide customers with PR photo shooting format, the customer prepares the photo electronic version;
3. Send the electronic version of the photo prepared by the customer to the photo studio in Canada for printing and stamping;
4. Mail all the official documents of the customer to us for the preparation, adjustment and processing of the documents;
5. According to the actual situation of the customer and the original information provided by the customer, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Canadian Immigration Department, prepare all the documents for the application for PR Card renewal, as well as various verification materials, and fill in all the relevant PR Card Replacement on behalf of the customer. Send out various forms of application;
6. Mail all the prepared materials to the PR Card Review Center of the Canadian Immigration Department;
7. The customer information enters the PR Card Review Center of the Immigration Department of Canada, and the customer information begins to be queued. According to the progress of the PR Card Review Center, the customer needs to wait for 4-6 months under normal circumstances. Special circumstances can be expedited. For the handling, the customer waiting time is 3-5 weeks.