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[Renewing PR Card] What should I pay attention to when applying for PR Card in Canada?

2019-03-27 14:10

After successfully immigrating to Canada, you will face the problem of receiving the Canadian PR Card. How do you get the Canadian PR Card? What common problems will you encounter when applying for PR Card?
After entering Canada, new immigrants can also provide their own mailing address in Canada online through the official website of the Canadian Immigration Service, or contact PR Card Service Center (number: 1 800 255-4541), but the above two methods are only available in English. And French service. Please note that if the immigration office does not receive the mailing address of the new immigrant after 180 days of entry, the immigrant will need to reapply for PR Card and pay the application fee.

If the new immigrant still does not receive PR Card within 30 days after providing the mailing address to the Canadian Immigration Service, please call the Immigration PR Card Telephone Service Center.
Frequently Asked Questions for New Immigrants in Canada Applying for PR Card
1. Is it necessary to pay the application fee for applying for PR Card?
a) For new immigrants who first landed in Canada after June 28, 2012, after the new immigrants provide the mailing address to the immigration office, the Canadian Immigration Service will automatically issue PR card and mail it to the new immigrant without paying the application. fee.
b) For immigrants who have already landed in Canada before June 28, 2012, the immigrant must apply to the immigration office and pay a $50 application fee per person.
2. Is it mandatory to apply for a PR Card?
Any Canadian permanent resident who re-enters Canada after December 31, 2013, must present a PR card to the border-related personnel to prove their permanent resident status. That is, for Canadian permanent residents who need international travel, Applying for a PR card is mandatory.
3. Do children who are permanent residents of Canada also apply for a PR Card?
Everyone needs to re-enter Canada (including children) to have a Canadian Permanent Resident Card. If a child is born in Canada compared to a Canadian citizen, the child needs a Canadian passport as a travel document and does not require a permanent resident card.
Through the above introduction, I believe that you are very clear about how to apply for the Canadian PR card and the common problems in the application process.