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[PR Card Policy] Exclusive analysis of PR Card replacement process and time required

2019-03-27 14:23

    Whether you are changing your card or not changing your card, what you care about most when you submit it to the Canadian Immigration Service is when you can get a new card. That is, how long does the USCIS review the replacement of the PR Card?
I. Immigration Bureau receiving materials
The application for the card change will be mailed to the "Case Processing Centre" in SYDNEY, NS, namely: PR Card Replacement Application Processing Center.
Second, material preliminary review and queuing
1. After receiving the materials, the application center will have a special preliminary examination department to review the integrity of the materials. Any materials that do not meet the requirements will be returned to the applicant. Several reasons for the materials being returned may be:
(1) Lack of necessary application documents;
(2) The application form is not filled in accordance with the specifications;
(3) The photo used for the application does not meet the specifications;
(4) The application fee of 50 Canadian dollars is not paid.
2. After the first trial is passed, the Immigration Bureau will queue the application according to the time when the applicant mails the application materials, and will not start until the official review procedure is applied. The queue length varies depending on the application amount of various factors. The internal work plan of the Immigration Bureau, festivals, general elections, strikes, etc. all affect the queuing time. Usually, this queuing time is generally 2-4 months.
Third, the material review and status inquiry
After the trial begins, applicants can check the progress of their application on the official website of the Canadian Immigration Service.
1. Canada Immigration Bureau official website progress inquiry link.
2. The official progress status of the application can be roughly divided into three stages.
(1) "In Process" is under review. It means that the Immigration Department is still reviewing your case and may need to fill in the relevant materials.
(2) "Decision Made" has the result. This indicates whether the Immigration Bureau has given you a new card and has the result. Usually the decision of the Immigration Department to approve the new card.
(3) "Complete" application is completed. Then the PR Center should congratulate you, your application has been approved!
4. How to get the card after approval
At present, the Immigration Bureau has the following two ways to give the new PR card to the applicant:
(1) Mail the new card directly to the applicant's Canadian address by mail;
(2) Notifying the applicant that he personally went to the Immigration Office to receive the card at the specified time and place.
Remarks: PR Card Center provides free card service
5. I can't get the card right away, how long will the PR card keep for me?
1. After the notice is overdue for 180 days, the PR Card will be destroyed. After the PR Card is cancelled, you need to apply again and pay the application fee.
2. The notice can only be mailed to an address in Canada designated by you, and cannot be mailed to the address in China.
3. When receiving the PR Card, the CIC Office of the Immigration Department requires a residence obligation test, that is, to review your past five years.
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