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[PR Card Requirements] What are the conditions for applying for a Canadian spouse to reunite?

2019-03-27 14:32

   Whether applying for a spouse reunion in Canada or applying abroad, a Canadian spouse reunion application requires two procedures.
1. The guarantor applies for the qualification of the guarantee;
2. The applicant applies for a permanent resident visa.
1. The guarantor fills out all the application forms for the qualification of the guarantee, and the applicant fills in all the application forms for the immigrant visa;
2. Submit all these forms and required supporting materials to the Mississauga Processing Center (CPC-M) to apply for a guarantee;
3. After the guarantee is passed, CPC-M will send all your processing materials to the embassy of the guarantor's original immigration application, such as the Immigration Visa Section of the Beijing Embassy in Canada or the Immigrant Visa Office of the Canadian Embassy in Canada;
4. The Visa Office will further review whether the applicant meets the immigration conditions, mainly to determine whether the marriage relationship is true, whether the marriage purpose is simple, and others;
5. If necessary, the main application may be required to be interviewed;
6. If the interview is approved, the Embassy may conduct necessary physical examinations and background checks as needed;
7. If all the audits are approved, the visa office will issue a visa. Congratulations on your application, you can land in Canada within one year.
Otherwise, unfortunately, your application was rejected.