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[PR Card Application Requirements] Is it necessary to provide a permanent address for the replacement of the PR Card?

2019-03-27 14:43

   According to the regulations of the Canadian Immigration Service, applicants must provide the permanent residence address in Canada for the past five years when they renew their PR Card. The permanent address can be a house they bought, or they can rent a house. The application address cannot be a mailbox. The residential address, if the actual application address cannot be provided, will not meet the data preparation requirements for the replacement of the PR Card.
Because the Immigration Bureau believes that if the applicant fulfills his residency obligations, he must have a fixed residence in Canada. If he cannot provide a stable residence, the applicant and Canada do not have a close living relationship, and it is likely that they cannot fulfill their residency obligations. People.
Most applicants can provide a Canadian address. After the approval of PR Card in Canada, the Immigration Department will send a PR card to this address or directly mail the PR Card, but it is not possible to even apply for such an address. Provided, the resulting application could not be submitted. To this end, the lawyer proposed a reasonable plan according to the regulations of the Canadian Immigration Service, and finally solved the problem and obtained the new PR Card.