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[PR Card Advantage] It is safe and worry-free to prepare the insurance card in the first two years after the PR card expires!

2019-03-27 15:01

    One of the most important factors in replacing a PR card is to check whether the applicant has lived for two years in the first five years from the date of application. Therefore, before the application, the time to become a permanent resident and the time limit for the validity of the PR Card, It will have important reference value for the development of the plan to retain the PR card.
Reason for the two-year warranty card before the PR card expires
When the applicant's PR Card is valid for two to two and a half years, the applicant can start thinking about changing the PR Card two years before the expiration. This type of card change is called safe leafbly by the industry. Card mode, that is to say, if you change the card at this time, since the PR Card is valid for more than two years, no matter how long the applicant has lived in Canada in the past three years, the applicant has at least two years to live in Canada. To meet the immigration requirements for fulfilling the residency obligations for two years in five years. Therefore, it is in full compliance with the law to change the PR card at this time because the applicant still has enough time to fulfill the minimum residence of the PR Card. Time (ie two years, or 730 days).
Two years before the expiration of the PR Card
For those who are valid for two to two and a half years in the PR Card, and in the next two years or more, there may be a large number of applicants who need to leave Canada (such as returning to China frequently in the next two years, or It is very necessary for people from other countries to travel and do business before they leave the country to get a new PR card and then leave Canada.