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[PR Card Replacement] There are many benefits to joining Canadian citizenship after immigration!

2019-03-27 15:10

   Canada is a big immigrant country. Compatriots all over the world are rushing to rush to live in Canada. Why are people all over the world vying to immigrate to Canada? What are the advantages of Canada compared with other countries? After joining the Canadian nationality after immigration What are the advantages? Follow the small series together with the upswing posture!
1. The immigrant visa is always valid and there is no expiration date.
2. Applicants with Canadian immigrant visas can apply for study and travel to other countries and are easily approved. They can apply for round-trip visas that are valid for a period of ten years. They only need to show their documents when entering or leaving the border, and the customs will not record them.
3. Those with immigrant visas have equal rights to work. Permanent residents can be employed by any company (except for certain positions that are confidential to the state).
4. Immigrants have the right to continue to receive education, and can enjoy government-sponsored scholarships and scholarships, or apply for student loans.
5. Like all Canadian children, Canadian immigrant children have the right to receive free education from elementary school to high school for 12 years. You can go directly to university with a high school diploma.
6. In addition to high-income families, children of all Canadian citizens, from birth to 18 years of age, can enjoy government benefits to help them grow.
7. Retired people who have worked for 10 years and are 65 years old or older can enjoy retirement pension.
8. Have the right to live and work in any place in Canada.
9. Can apply to the Social Welfare Bureau for social assistance and other kinds of disability or death allowances, bailouts, and compensation.
10. After joining the Canadian nationality, upon approval, you will become a Canadian citizen, enjoy all the rights and treatment of citizens, hold a Canadian passport, and travel visa-free in more than 100 countries around the world.