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[PR Card Update] How can I keep PR Card when I can't meet my living conditions during my stay in Canada?

2019-03-27 16:55

    According to the Canadian PR Card Reissue Regulations, the only way to retain PR Card after immigrating to Canada is to live in Canada for two years to qualify for renewal, in order to retain and renew the new PR Card.
The calculation method for PR Card for two years after five years:
After 2 years of residence in 5 years, it is not counted from the time when the immigrants landed, nor from the time of getting PR card. Its algorithm has two forms:
1. Push back from the day of the application for the extension of PR Card, and live for 2 years in 5 years.
2. From the time of entering Canada, the countdown is counted back to 5 years.
As long as the applicant can prove that any kind of reverse push method, as long as the requirements of 2 years of residence are met, it can meet the conditions of 2 years in 5 years, and PR card can be retained.
Note that the following methods are exempt from living conditions:
1. A Canadian company is assigned to work in China.
2. Accompanied a Canadian spouse living abroad.
3. Regain immigration status through family reunion.
If the applicant has not lived in Canada for 2 years due to personal reasons such as work, study, life, etc., the applicant needs to immediately prepare for it. Please refer to PR Card program that we have provided to you, only after changing to the new PR Card. Go back! Our PR card experts can get a new card in 3-4 months.