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[PR Card Retention Process] Can Canadian Book Cards also become the key evidence for renewing PR Cards?

2019-03-27 17:09

    New Canadian immigrants can apply for a certificate if they bring the relevant documents, such as a passport, social security card and an envelope with your name and current address, and fill out the form. The library card is also a permanent resident. One of the important additional evidence provided when replacing PR Card.
   The computer can also be used free of charge in the library, but it must be registered before use. The usage time is half an hour, and the printed materials are charged. Each time you can use the documentary card to borrow books in the library for about 3 weeks, except that the newspaper cannot borrow. The number and type of borrowed books are not limited. If you overdue the book, you will be fined $0.20 a day. If the book you want to borrow has already been borrowed by someone, you must ask the administrator to register your name on the waiting list, sometimes A very popular (computer-based) book waiter is so much, it has to wait a long time.
It is impossible for a library to collect all the books together, so you will often encounter the book you want to borrow in another branch. As long as you register at the service desk, transfer the book to the point where you want to take the book. The museum can be.
When you register, the administrator will ask you the phone number of your home. When the book you have registered or the book is waiting, the library has a special automatic voice service system that will call you to notify you.