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[Handling PR Card Requirements] The immigrants who are about to change the PR Card will come over and the PR Card will be renewed here!

2019-03-27 17:27

    The friends who came to immigrate have such a deep understanding that every time you deal with the Canadian government, it is essential to prepare a variety of documents. When you mention the replacement of the PR Card, the friends around you will call "big head". What application documents are required to replace the PR Card?
A seemingly cumbersome document (document) is required, but only to effectively prove your identity and time spent in Canada, so to understand this, simply copy and fill out the file as required.
List of documents to be prepared:
1. Go to to download and print [IMM554], [IMM5455], and fill in PR Card Application Form and Personal Identity Supplement Form. (If the form is filled, you can add a schedule)
2. A copy of the basic identification. You can provide a valid passport or travel document, a passport at the time of landing and a passport page with an entry stamp, or an ID or travel document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada or other countries. Be sure to photocopy page.
3. A copy of the secondary identity certificate. A copy of the landing paper, driver's license, valid student ID, etc. can be provided. Two secondary identification documents must be provided.
4. A copy of the document that proves the residency status of Canada.
* "certified copy" of the passport - a copy of each passport of all passports in the past five years and a "certified copy" (if there are two passports, all copies must be made), the entry and exit stamp must be translated into English (by STIBC) Registered qualified translators can be translated and stamped, lawyers and accountants can also be accompanied by a statement signed by the translator (Note: Licensed translations do not require a statement), and documents translated by family members are not accepted.
* Tax return - Provides a tax assessment for the five years prior to the application for a card change.
*Records - For all school-age children, a written document showing proof of attendance five years prior to the card-requiring application is required, and the university student is required to provide a transcript from a college or university recognized in Canada five years prior to the card-requiring application, and Can prove attendance.
5. Place two photos in a small envelope (the photo stamp and date stamp of the photo studio are required on the back), and the name of the applicant is indicated on the envelope. One of the photos must have a name and a birthday on the back.
6. Payment voucher: There are two payment methods: First, pay online. First, order the online order [IMM5401], then go to the bank to pay, $50 per person.
7. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to provide a copy of the birth certificate, adoption judgment certificate, guardianship certificate, school records and other documents.
8. If you have lived outside Canada for more than 3 years in the past five years, you will need to provide: documents accompanying the Canadian citizen (such as marriage certificate, child birth certificate, school or employment record, club membership certificate, passport or other travel documents, etc.).
A full-time employment document for an overseas Canadian branch. If accompanied by a PR card full-time employed by a spouse of a Canadian branch abroad, the spouse's employment documents and proof of identity must be provided.