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[Renewing PR Card Application] Immigration to Canada Those who have not done these things need to keep PR Card

2019-03-27 17:37

    As we all know, the Canadian Immigration Service has strict residence requirements, whether it is to change PR card or naturalization. How to see if you are full in Canada, because from the second half of 2012, the Canadian Immigration Service needs you for the last five years. Scanned every page of all passports (including blank pages). You can judge whether you have fulfilled your residency obligations by entering or leaving your passport.

   移民加拿大 没做到这些事的人需要保留枫叶卡
Therefore, according to years of consulting experience, PR Center summarizes the following 24 people who need insurance cards.
1. After two years of living in the past five years, the country waits and applies for a replacement card;
2. In the past five years, he has not lived for two years, but he has a Canadian spouse to accompany him to live in China;
3. In the past five years, he has not lived for two years, but there is a permanent resident spouse who is in line with the full-time assignment of the Canadian Immigration Service to accompany him to live in China;
4. In the past five years, he has not lived for two years, but he is a full-time expatriate who meets the requirements of the Immigration Bureau and lives in China, retaining PR Card;
5. After landing as a permanent resident, I have never left PR Card and left Canada. I will reapply for PR Card and keep PR Card.
6. PR Card has expired and the new PR Card has been restored;
7, the landing paper is lost, the new PR card (the landing paper is quite a household account, PR card is quite an ID card, the account is lost, it is very difficult to change the ID card);
8. Those who have been inspected and questioned in the past retain PR Card;
9. In the case of a large number of historical records in the past five years, PR Card is retained;
10. In the case that the passport has been lost in the past five years, PR Card is retained;
11. If the time spent in the past five years plus the remaining time of PR Card is less than two years, PR Card is retained;
12. I don't know if I have lost my permanent resident status in Canada. I want to know my identity and keep PR Card.
13. I hope to get the new PR Card immediately. I don't have to wait until PR Card expires and change PR Card.
14. In the past five years, the husband and wife divorced, and as the deputy applicant in the same year, PR Card was retained;
15. PR Card expires immediately, and PR Card cannot be retained in the case of waiting for the regular queue time;
16, change the application of PR card, there is a problem, I hope to return to life, keep PR card;
17. After PR card expires, it is hoped to retain PR card safely and legally;
18. In the past five years, in the absence of a driver's license, medical card, and work card, PR Card is retained;
19, busy work, people who can't cooperate in time, keep PR card;
20, husband and wife have a person PR card approved, a person PR card was rejected, the rejected person restored PR Card;
21. After landing in Canada, if you have not gone anywhere for the past five years, keep PR Card;
22. If PR card is lost, restore the new PR card;
23. If PR card, landing paper, driver's license and other documents are all lost, keep PR card;
24. Plan and arrange to keep PR Card for the next five years.