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[PR Card Extension Conditions] These materials must not be lost by using the supplementary evidence method to preserve the PR Card!

2019-03-27 17:49

   In addition to providing some unnecessary evidence, the PR Card can also provide some auxiliary materials, also known as the Supplementary Evidence Method to preserve the PR Card! The so-called "Supplementary Evidence Act" is not due to the evidence or lack of evidence provided by you. Canada It is a federal state. It implements a political system of separation of powers between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The immigration bureau belongs to the administrative department and has no judicial function. Therefore, whether you meet the Canadian immigration law and fulfill the residence obligation, the immigration officer If you have no right to make a judgment, you can only raise doubts. You need to add evidence. After the PR Card is confiscated, the PR Card will be sent to the Immigration Appeals Chamber. The cardholder has the opportunity to appeal after entering.
1. A valid Canadian address----activate your address in Canada in advance. If you open a bank account in Canada, the bank's bill will be sent to that address. For you, it is a valid Canadian address. With a bill with your name and address, you can handle all kinds of residence records.
2. Always operate your bank account in Canada to keep your bank account active, so banks often have bills sent to your Canadian address (also printed online), which is an important part of the life record. .
3, the monthly consumption record after applying for a credit card, the credit card company is concerned about someone paying for it! For example, paying for water and electricity on the Internet, telephone charges for landline mobile phones, Internet charges, TV fees, gas bills, etc., you may not know, If your relatives and friends change you as the head of the household, his TV can also be watched for free for half a year. He still has to thank you. Many credit cards now have computer chips, which only require a password and do not need to be signed.
4. Handling work cards (also called SIN cards). It is not allowed to borrow people.
The role of the work card is that work-related matters are all used for work cards. Many permanent residents who are not in Canada for a long time never know the role of the work card because he is not in Canada, does not work in Canada, does not pay taxes in Canada, so he I don't know what the work card can do. I need to use the work card when I open the company. I need to get a work card when I am hired. I need a work card to pay taxes.
5. Handling documents with photos: for example, you can get or update your driver's license at the driver's license research center (lost can be reissued), or you can take care of your photo ID (ie, photo ID) or apply for a medical card without proof. (The medical card in Ontario is a photo, the medical card in BC does not have a photo), or a student ID card.
6. Apply for a book card and keep the receipt when you return the book.
7, apply for free membership cards, such as Best Buy, Save on Food, Save Way, each petrol station card, attach these cards when you consume, keep a record of points. Includes a free advertising leaflet with your name.
8. Apply for computer tax filing software to file tax returns overseas, and keep tax returns. You can also ask Canadian accounting firms to help you with tax returns.
9, other such as life insurance policy (always effective, there are also investment guarantees, a good choice!), auto insurance policy, housing insurance policy, etc. are also better living proof.
10. A description of the medical card. This is a useful document to prove a person's life center of gravity. However, it is important to note that not all people holding a medical card are legally entitled to the card. For example, in BC, if If a person goes abroad for more than half a year (regardless of his reasons for going out), his medical card should be invalid. Therefore, the medical card in his hand does not prove that his life has shifted to Canada. So not necessarily To do a medical card. The key is to pay monthly!
11. Proof of residence. If you have a property, go to your name and have a home in Canada. This is an important piece of evidence that his life has shifted to Canada. If there is no property certificate, it is better to rent a house. Agreement. Residence is an important evidence of the focus of life in Canada
12. If there are spouses and children: proof that the spouse's children live in Canada, proof that the children are studying in Canada. If the spouse and children live in Canada, they will always be the focus of your life. Therefore, the spouse and children's place of residence is generally yours. The focus of life is located.
13. Landing paper (also known as immigration paper). Landing paper is your more important immigration identity certificate, and theoretically it is always effective. In any case, it is a certificate to prove your immigration status. Please Keep it safe.
In case the landing paper is lost or cannot be found, it is necessary to use a special method to recover the landing paper. In order to prevent the loss of the landing paper, please make an English notarization and photocopy of the "immigration paper" for future land entry and exit. .
14. Appropriate time to prepare the application form, signature, photo (digital / email / local phase hall, etc. valid for one year)