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[PR Card Retention] Three kinds of accidents in the Canadian PR Card replacement need to be kept in mind...

2019-03-27 17:56

The Canadian Immigration Department has issued an announcement:
90% of applicants who do not need further investigation no longer need to collect it personally, but the immigration department directly mails the local address of Canada filled in at the time of application. Only 10% of the applicants will be asked to collect it personally. In addition, the order of handling urgent applications is the same as the previous "first come, first served" principle, without change.
New regulations of the Canadian Immigration Department
For the applicants who need to be investigated, the findings of the investigation may be clearly stated.
The first case:
If the investigation finds that there is no immigration officer who believes that the permanent resident qualification is not met, the immigration department will still issue a new card for 5 years. At this time, it will also be sent by post to the applicant's address.
Case 2: Non-qualified or issued one-year card
After applying for a card change, the investigation was found to be ineligible and rejected, and faced with being asked to leave the country. At this time, the Immigration Department may issue a one-year-old PR Card instead of a five-year new card. In another case, The applicant could not be contacted during the investigation, and after 6 months, the application was deemed abandoned, and the immigration department will not issue the card again.
The third case: the problem is returned for mailing a new card
The announcement stated that the General Post Office of Canada must return all PR cards with incorrect addresses to the Immigration Department's Case Processing Center in Sydney (CPC-Sydney). The immigration officer will try to find a new address. If the applicant does not notify the address change, The unsent PR Card will remain in the filing cabinet for 6 months, waiting for the applicant to pick it up.