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[PR Card Validity Period] How do I apply for an immigrant investor to prove the legality of the source of funds?

2019-03-27 21:46

One of the applications for Canadian investment immigration is that you must have a certain amount of legal net assets. How to prove the legality of the source of funds?

The Canadian Immigration Service requires applicants to prove the legality of the source of funds:
Applicants' net assets must obtain reports from third parties such as PricewaterhouseCoppers (PwC) to prove that their source is legal. This report is about the applicant's past business or investment experience and funding sources. Independent review and verification of personal net assets.
Quebec Investment Immigration Fund Requirements:
Applicants must have a legally acquired net worth of $1.6 million, including personal assets (such as bank deposits, real estate, stocks, bonds, investment insurance, etc.) and company assets (eg, company investment, current company assets, etc.). The source of the assets may be obtained by the applicant himself or by the spouse of the applicant; the funds obtained through donation six months before the application is submitted cannot be counted in the net assets.
Saskatchewan investment immigration funding requirements:
Household net worth: At least $500,000 in net assets under the name of the main applicant or husband and wife; at least $300,000 in Saskatoon, Regina, or at least $200,000 in other parts of Saskatchewan.
Capital requirements for investment immigration in Manitoba:
Net assets of more than 350,000 Canadian dollars, less investment funds, only 150,000 Canadian dollars.