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[PR Card Retention] When immigrants apply for a change of PR Card, I must submit it in the territory of Canada and pay attention to it at any time!

2019-03-28 16:34

    When redeeming a PR Card, the applicant must submit an application within Canada. At the same time, the Canadian Immigration Department will verify the applicant by phone.
    Immigration officials will also call the applicant's phone number on the application form during the application period, or send someone to the applicant's address in the application form (this is a rare case) to verify that you live at that address or verify you. Whether the person is currently in Canada. Once the immigration official finds that the applicant is not in Canada during the application period, the application will be terminated.
    If you want to successfully redeem the new PR card, you need to pay attention to the following:
    1. The applicant must have been a permanent resident of Canada and have lived in Canada for two years in the past five years;
    2. The person must physically reside in Canada when submitting the application;
    3. Currently not expelled from Canada;
    4. Not a Canadian citizen;
    5. No criminal conviction.
    If the immigrants have met the above conditions and the application has also received the telephone verification or door-to-door verification by the Immigration Bureau in Canada, congratulations!  PR Card has basically passed.