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Keep PR card Raiders

2019-03-28 14:30

Keep PR card Raiders
Since the September 11th terrorist attacks in the United States, in order to cooperate with the United States to strengthen border control and control, the Canadian government officially began implementing PR Card System on June 28, 2002. The so-called PR Card is a common name for the Canadian Permanent Resident Card, similar to the US Green Card. This new plastic material card, like the wallet size, has a number of security features, the card has a laser engraved photo and signature, and the cardholder's needs for appearance, such as gender, height and eye color, etc. And PR card contains a sophisticated high-tech design that is more sophisticated than the bank's financial card tape. It contains all the data needed for permanent resident identification. Only authorized officials can read the data, it will not be used for tracking. The cardholder's activities have the effect of protecting the cardholder's privacy rights. Since January 1, 2004, PR Card has completely replaced the old immigration paper (IMM1000), getting rid of the immigration paper and not being easy to carry, and it is easy to be altered, photocopied or fraudulent.
The Canadian PR Card is valid for five years from the date of the card. Regardless of whether you apply for PR Card for the first time or re-apply for the second PR Card after the expiration of the five-year period, you must pass the “residence test”. Anyone who holds a permanent residence status in Canada must fulfill the residency obligation for more than 730 days in any five-year period. .
Many friends who hold PR cards have lived in Canada for less than 730 days for various private reasons, but want to retain Canadian immigration status. Here we introduce some solutions to PR card friends:
I. Utilizing the Canadian Immigration Department’s exception to the implementation of the residency obligations
If you do not actually accumulate more than 730 days in Canada during the five-year period, you will be deemed to have fulfilled your residency obligations as long as the following conditions are met:
1. You are living outside Canada with a spouse with a Canadian citizenship (such as a husband accompanying a wife or a wife accompanying her husband);
2. Your spouse is a full-time employee who is stationed overseas by a Canadian company, or a full-time public official who is stationed overseas by the Canadian government department;
3. You are a full-time employee who is stationed overseas by a Canadian company, or is a full-time official who is stationed overseas by the Canadian government department;
As long as you meet one of the above three conditions, you can still count as living in Canada when you are not living in Canada. How to use the provisions of the Canadian Immigration Law to properly and legally keep your PR card, even if it has not lived for two years in the past five years.
There is a lot of knowledge here, and there are many ways to keep your PR card and immigration status within the framework of the Canadian Immigration Law.
There are still some details to note:
1) Accompanying a spouse or a full-time expatriate must be able to prove that the spouse is living together. For example, if the spouse is a Canadian, but the spouse lives in Canada and you live in China, this situation cannot be counted as It is your spouse who lives in a spouse.
2) In the case of accompanying spouse, proof of relationship between two people must be provided. For example, the marriage certificate of two people has been translated in English and passed the fair certificate of marriage certificate. There is no proof that can prove the relationship between two people, and it cannot be done in this way.
3) Although you may be living in Canada while you are accompanying your spouse or an expatriate overseas, the application to the Immigration Department is required to be filed in Canada. If you submit your application outside Canada, the Canadian Immigration Service will not be accepted.
4) For this type of application, you need to provide an address and phone number in Canada. If you do not have an address and phone number, you cannot apply.
5) After the approval of the new PR Card, the old PR Card has expired. You must apply for a one-time travel document at the Canadian Consulates in China and use this one-time travel document to enter Canada to obtain PR Card. To apply for a one-time travel document, you need to provide relevant documents, such as a Canadian citizenship card for a spouse, and a Canadian passport for your spouse.
6) This type of application requires a Canadian citizen's spouse to accompany the card when picking up the card.
The Canadian Immigration Department has detailed rules on how to retain identity in the event of dissatisfaction.
Second, the company's assignment to protect PR card Raiders
Nowadays, many friends who have PR cards think that they can set up a company by themselves or find a company in Canada to save their immigration status through corporate assignment. This is actually a big mistake.
According to our experience, many people are even true expatriates, but it is a pity that they are losing their identity because they are not aware of the internal standards of the Ministry of Immigration. (If you need more information, please send an email to .
In order to prevent abuse of corporate assignments, the Canadian Immigration Department has long made a lot of provisions for the so-called Canadian companies:
For example, the company must be a company established under the laws of Canada and continue to operate in Canada. It has an operating profitability capability, and most of the shares are held by Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and are established to fulfill their residency obligations. The company is not recognized as a valid Canadian expatriate; the so-called full-time employees are those employees who are sent abroad by Canadian companies must be full-time or full-time employees from Canadian companies or government agencies.
Retaining PR Card in a corporate assignment is a technically difficult way to preserve PR Card, which is beyond the reach of non-professionals.
One of our clients is a member of the Canadian immigration company's representative office in China. She thinks her expatriate company is very hard, and her information is very full. What is the result? After being audited by our company lawyer, she discovered that her thoughts were so naive. Although she was a true expatriate, she was unable to keep her PR card according to her assignment because of the negligence of many details.
Our other client is the vice president of the overseas investment company of a well-known large company in Canada. It is also a possible true expatriate. He believes that it may be possible to retain PR card in an external way. After evaluation by our lawyers, we found that He is not considered in taxation and salary collection, and cannot be consistent with the immigration department's criteria for judging the expatriate, and therefore does not meet the conditions for Canadian business assignments.
The Canadian Immigration Service is a very professional expert and will not be blinded by those who want to retain their PR card by cheating. Therefore, too many people want to use the Canadian immigration law to apply for a foreign insurance card. Now, I can honestly say that this road has actually been blocked. Who is trying to use this exception to protect the card is harder than going to heaven.
For companies that are assigned this type of PR Card, the Canadian Immigration Service will usually ask for more information, such as:
1. A letter signed by the Canadian expatriate company officer must include the following: the company’s ongoing certification in Canada, the company’s business attributes, the length of time the company has operated in Canada, and the company’s presence in Canada. The number of employees, the details of the relationship properties of this company with foreign business partners or customers;
2. A copy of the proof of all wages (including taxable benefits) and prepaid taxes, EI, CPP, etc. of your own company and the company that has been assigned to you for nearly two to three years;
3. A copy of the assessment results issued by you and the company that has been assigned to your company for nearly two to three years after receiving the tax return application; (only for individuals)
4. A copy of the payroll for the last two years;
5. A copy of the annual report or financial report of the dispatched company in the past two years;
6. Registration certificate of the expatriate company [registration license];
7. A copy of any agreement or arrangement document between the assignment company and the foreign business or customer to which you are assigned;
8. A copy of the agreement or invoice between the expatriate company and other Canadian companies or businesses in Canada; (the company may provide some customer recommendations)
9. A written certificate of residence in Canada for at least two years in the past 5 years, for example:
1) Credit card statement
2) Bank statement
3) Mortgage Agreement / Lease
This field is “details determine success or failure”. Through the lawyers, every detail of the customer can be perfected. Each application is fully reviewed and considered, so that the customer will not make their new PR because of “ignorance”. The application for the card is in trouble. How to use the corporate assignment to keep PR card.
Third, the residence of less than two years to change PR card Raiders
Many friends who have PR cards have only lived in Canada for a month or two. The gap between the immigration obligations imposed by the Immigration Department is very far, and PR Card is about to expire. How can I keep my PR Card?
The situation like this needs to be analyzed in detail. The situation of different people is very different. Sometimes it is just a bad identity certificate, or an unintended mistake when the customs answers the question, or the use of a favorable condition of the spouse may lead to the difficulty of solving. It's very different.
In general, all practices must be carried out within the framework of the policy of the Canadian Immigration Department. According to our experience, there are actually many clever ways to solve this problem. By comprehensively dispatching all the resources in the hands of customers, based on our experience, we can combine them into various solutions. By designing multiple serial insurance methods, if one solution is not successful, there will be another solution, the second solution. Missed, there is a third way to secure the method, so that the success rate of renewing PR card is greatly improved. It is really 10,000 steps to say that the application for PR Card has not been successful, and PR Card will be restored again by means of a roundabout way.
Fourth, the expired PR card to return to life Raiders
A few individual friends, due to various reasons, PR card expired, how to make the expired PR card come back to life? From the point of view, it is indeed impossible to save. Because your PR card has expired, in a sense, the immigration status has been lost. But all things are not possible. There is no direct clause from the Canadian Immigration Act that the expiration of PR Card is equal to the loss of immigration status. It can only be said that for some people, PR card has expired and completely lost the immigration status, but in many cases, using our experience and using a variety of resources, we have successfully successful for many customers. Let the expired PR card come back to life. You can find out more about this in
Five, no PR card to enter Canada's Raiders
Some friends PR Card has expired, but I really want to go back to Canada to live, often ask us if we can go back?
Our answer is: Yes!
Many friends, because of their busy work, forgot when their PR card expired. When they wanted to return to Canada, they suddenly found that their PR Card had expired. They were helpless and found us and asked if we could return to Canada. According to the experience we have done for our clients, we are very sure to say "can" to them!
The customer jokingly asked if we were loaded into a large fishing boat across the sea and into Canada like the smuggling. Our answer is: You are a bright and beautiful person to enter Canada. Because even if your PR card expires, you will not violate the Canadian Immigration Department's regulations regarding entering Canada, which means that even if your PR Card expires, it is reasonable and legal for you to enter Canada. And there are many ways to get in!
If you have such a problem, you can go to Kayide Company, 8th Floor, Tianjin Center, No. 219 Nanjing Road, Tianjin. Our PR Card Consultant will formulate a corresponding response plan according to your situation.
Sixth, no job application for the US 10 years multiple round-trip visa

Many of my friends are eager to get a US visa. The best way to get a US visa is to apply to Canada.
The United States is the world's largest capitalist country. Many people want to travel to the United States, visit relatives, visit friends, and need business opportunities. How can I get a US visa? The better way is to go to Canada to apply.
So if you have a PR card, then you can have this opportunity. Moreover, if you sign a US visa B1/B2 in China, you usually only get a multiple-entry visa for one year, but when you apply in Canada, you usually get a 10-year US visa.
But getting a 10-year US visa is not easy to get. You need to have a job in Canada, have a social connection, have a family connection, and have financial security. At the same time, you still have to give the visa officer the impression that there is no tendency to immigrate to the United States. . According to our experience in handling cases over the years, as long as you can consider the problem with the US visa officer's thinking, and the materials you fill meet the visa officer's psychological control scale, it is difficult to pass the test. If there are still problems that I don't understand.
Seven, receive PR card must win the Raiders
To apply for a change of PR Card, first of all, you can check it on the website of the Immigration Department (the specific method of inquiry can be sent to
After inquiring that your PR Card has been approved by the Immigration Department, it will take a longer four weeks for the Immigration Department to send a pink PR Card to receive the notice, and the applicant must personally collect it (the letter from the Immigration Office) IN PERSON is clearly indicated, which means that I need to collect it.)
If you can't get PR card according to the agreed time and place, you should contact the call center at least one day in advance.
The specific time and place of receipt will be notified by the local office of CIC. In some cases, the immigration office will stipulate a designated collection time, and sometimes it will not be stipulated.
After the notice is overdue for 180 days, PR Card will be destroyed. After PR Card is cancelled, you will need to apply again and pay the application fee.
The notice can only be mailed to an address in Canada that you designate and cannot be mailed to the address in China. Now, when receiving PR Card, the CIC Office of the Immigration Department requires a residence duty test, which is to review the historical records of all your passports in the past five years. Therefore, many friends have a headache for this residency test. Some are Because of the language problem, some of them have problems in terms of residence obligations. In combination with such a situation, we have prepared a card record, so that the card-taking person first familiarizes with the scene and gives the customer confidence through the actual card-taking experience. If there is such a problem,
Eight, PR card application form and material preparation Raiders
The main documents required to redeem a PR card or are:
1) Complete application form (IMM5444 application form, IMMM5405 supplementary identification form, IMM5401 application fee 50 Canadian dollar payment receipt, IMM5575 file list) See /prcard.asp can be paid online or by bank. See for specific payment methods.
According to the requirements of PR Card Review Center of the Immigration Department, provide other supporting documents that can prove your fulfillment of your residency obligations.

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