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PR Card Approval Results can be found on the website of the Canadian Immigration Department

2019-03-28 14:27

1: According to the requirements of our customers: protect the privacy of customers, prevent leaks, and not disclose customer approval information on the website, so as not to cause significant harm to customers.
2: Welcome customers to the company to watch all these real cases.
3: The viewing method is as follows:

The results of the approval of PR Card can be found on the website of the Canadian Immigration Department.

You can follow the steps below to check the progress of your new PR Card from the Canadian Immigration Maple Card Review Center from the Immigration Canada website. You can go to the relevant page of the Canadian Immigration website:


When you click on the address, the following customer application status inquiry page will appear:

Please click the Continue button and the following security agreement terms will appear.


Select the second Client ID Number item in the Identification Type here.
Enter your eight-digit PR card number at Identification Type :
Enter your last name at Surname/Family Name/Last Name: XX
Enter your date of birth in the format Date/Birth/Year at Date of Birth: 18 May 1965
Enter your nationality at Country of Birth: China, People's Republic of See below:

Then click the Continue button, and the following information pages related to the customer's personal, including the home address and mailing address, and PR card application status appear.
In this case, the status is Decision Made (indicating that there is already a result):

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