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Notice to the insurance card - a green card

2019-03-28 16:39

Canadian PR Card (a green card)
        Each Canadian permanent resident will have a “PR Card” from the date of landing. This card is a status symbol for Canadian permanent residents and a legal immigrant visa for free entry into Canada during the validity period.
        Under the Canadian Immigration Act, the Canadian PR Card is valid for five years from the date of the Spontaneous Card. All Canadian permanent residents must have accumulated 730 days in Canada. A person holding a PR Card must accumulate for two years within five years of the card's validity period, and will continue to perform this residency obligation as long as he or she has not become a citizen. Regardless of whether you apply for PR Card for the first time or reapply for the second PR Card after the expiration of the next five years, you must pass the “residence test”. Anyone who holds a permanent residence status in Canada must fulfill the residency obligation for 730 days in any five-year period. Above, according to the Canadian New Immigration Law, immigrants are allowed to live in Canada for five years, otherwise they will be dismissed from their immigration status.
        In order to facilitate reading and understanding, according to the Canadian New Immigration Law and the newer official policies, the relevant laws of Canada have been decomposed. One of the major changes is the permanent resident residence obligation and the implementation of PR Card system, which is reflected in the following aspects:
First: PR Card is an immigrant visa. It is a passport for Canadian permanent residents to return to Canada after leaving Canada. (PR Card is a visa, but it is an immigrant visa). It is an identification certificate, commonly known as “Canada”. Green card." The identity document of the permanent resident in the early years was that an immigration paper (ie IMM-1000) later evolved into an immigration identification paper (IMM 5292). Because paper documents are easily forged, they are now permanently based on Canadian policies. Residents, unified the "PR Card."
Second: PR Card and Landing Paper (IMM 1000 or IMM 5292) are the two largest proofs of Canadian permanent residents.
Third: When a Canadian permanent resident returns to Canada after travelling outside Canada, using commercial means (such as ships, trains, planes, buses, rentals), he must present this "PR Card" to Canadian Customs officers for legal entry.
Fourth: PR Card contains all the data needed for permanent resident status (including the time spent in Canada). Only authorized officials can read the data, it will not be used to track cardholders. Activities, so it has the role of protecting the privacy rights of cardholders.
Fifth: Each PR Card is valid for 5 years and must be renewed after five years;
Sixth: The condition for renewing PR Card is “the two years must be completed for two years (accumulated to 730 days)”. At the same time, permanent residents must apply for a new PR Card in Canada (that is, they must submit their application after returning to Canada. Applying outside Canada, the Canadian Immigration Department does not accept the application)
Seventh: If you live less than two years in five years, you will not be eligible for the change of PR Card;
Eighth: Once you can't get a valid PR card, it means you won't be able to enter Canada normally.
Ninth: In the event that you have not lived for two years in a five-year period, the Immigration Act provides the following three exceptions, as follows:
           1) Family members living with Canadian citizenship reside outside Canada;
           2) Full-time employees stationed overseas by Canadian companies, or official full-time Canadian officials stationed overseas;
           3) Family members with permanent residency are stationed overseas by Canadian companies as full-time employees, or are stationed overseas as official Canadian public officials, in which case they stay with the family members;
        If the above three exceptions are not met, the questions about PR Cards are classified into five categories during the years of answering consulting questions and the actual handling of lawyers for a large number of clients:
The first category: not meeting the above three exceptions, not living for two years;
The second category: never received a PR card since landing;
The third category: PR Card has expired
The fourth category: PR card is lost, damaged, stolen;
The fifth category: the status of other various maple leaves
In the first category of cases, many applicants holding PR cards lived in Canada for less than 730 days in five years for various private reasons, but wanted to retain Canadian immigration status. We call it - not to live for two years to protect PR card. In the third type of case, many PR card holders, due to various reasons, PR card expired, in a sense that has lost the immigration status - we call it expired PR card.
        Want to know if there is any way to get the expired PR card back to life?
        The immigration law only stipulates that Canadian permanent residents must meet the residence obligations of two years in five years to be able to renew the new PR Card. As for whether PR Card expires is not a focus of attention, the focus is on whether you have fulfilled your residency obligations. .
        There is no formal clause in the Canadian Immigration Act that states that the expiration of PR Card is equivalent to the loss of immigration status. The expiration of PR Card will completely lose the immigration status. More importantly, at this time, you have lost your permanent resident status and there are many opportunities for PR Card to come back to life. The implication is that you will enter Canada without violating the relevant regulations of the Canadian Immigration Department regarding entering Canada, which means that even if your PR card expires, it is reasonable and legal for you to enter Canada. There are many ways to enter Canada. In the fourth category, many applicants, because they have not paid attention to the loss of PR card for a long time, we will search for all the information for you to the relevant departments, and can return to Canada with the return travel visa at the same time, the project lawyers can make full use of their Talent.
        In short, one of the above exceptions must be met. If the above exceptions are not met, it is usually necessary to rely on these three items. If the above three items are not satisfied, lawyers should look at the past cases of the Canadian Immigration Department if the customer The case is in accordance with the jurisprudence of a Canadian immigration department. Our lawyers will advise permanent residents to submit their applications in accordance with these precedents. In short, PR Card must be properly and legally retained.
        However, some of the inexperienced Maple Card companies on the market often use the law-breaking method to retain PR Card for permanent residents. This will lead to the immigration department's blacklist, so that no new name can be applied for in the future. It is also impossible to apply for naturalization, and it is even more difficult to enter Canada reasonably and legally, even if you are traveling to Canada or visiting relatives. Therefore, the permanent residents of Canada are better to change the new PR card in accordance with the provisions of the Canadian Immigration Law. When re-issuing, look for companies that have experience and have in-depth research on Canadian immigration law. Do not PR Card The change was made, but it was counterproductive and was blacklisted by the Canadian Immigration Department.
        Usually, the processing time for the immigration department to approve the new PR Card is 8~12 weeks. After approval, the offices of the Immigration Department will send you a notice of receiving the new PR Card within four weeks. The applicant must personally go to the designated place with the notification letter. Received, can not be replaced by others. To receive a new PR Card, you must bring the following documents to the designated Immigration Office at the designated time:
1. Receive a notice;
2. All Chinese passports in the past five years;
3, landing paper IMM1000 or IMM5292
4. A valid photo ID issued by the federal government of Canada or issued by the provincial governments of Canada, such as a Canadian driver's license, or a Canadian medical card, a university student ID card, etc.;
5, the old PR card. The old PR Card must be handed over when the new PR Card is issued.
        When receiving PR Card, the immigration officer has the right to review the residence obligations of the permanent resident again. Even if you are full, if you do not respond properly, it will lead to failure to obtain the card. It is better to provide professional advice and guidance from professionals! The Immigration Department will save the new PR Card for the applicant for 180 days after the card is made. If the applicant fails to collect it within the time limit, the card will be destroyed. The applicant must reapply at the time. Due to limited space, here is only a brief description of the new regulations and policies of the "PR Card" and the classification of consulting issues over the years. If you want to know more about PR card information, you can visit the company's website for in-depth understanding;

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