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Keep PR Card Application Procedure

2019-03-28 16:57

Customers in their own PR Card:

1) less than 3 months before expiration (expedited processing) or
2) 7-8 months before the expiration (normal processing) or
3) At least two years from the expiration (safely preserve PR Card) or
4) At least three years from maturity (safe naturalization)
You can start the normal process (other cases have additional solutions).
5) PR card expired (special handling)
Phase 1: Review and evaluation phase
First, the customer fills in PR card evaluation form
First, we will send PR Card Status Assessment Form to the customer. The customer will fill out PR Card Evaluation Form and send us a scanned copy of the relevant documents for PR Card application (see PR Questionnaire Part 6 for details). To be clear and identifiable, we will forward it to Canadian PR Lawyer for review to determine the difficulty of the case and determine the price to be processed.
Second, PR Card Status Assessment
PR lawyers review and evaluate, and propose a targeted application based on customer circumstances.
Third, the evaluation results confirmed
After the evaluation results, after the customer confirms and agrees, PR card official application phase begins.
The second stage: preparation of PR card application materials
 The following is an introduction to our PR Card Application Service Program:
First, the application service program starts
1. Send PR Card Application Service Agreement to you, please check it.
2. After you have carefully read the terms of the agreement and confirmed it, we will print the official text of the agreement in two copies, sign it and seal it, and mail it to your designated location.
3. After you receive the agreement, please sign your name and date, you will keep one copy, and then send us a copy.
4. According to the agreement between the parties in the agreement, the service deposit of PR card fee charged by the Canadian government is 50 Canadian dollars or equivalent RMB remittance to our designated account.
Second, the preparation of PR card application materials
Once we receive your payment, our cooperation will officially begin.
We will mail you the following documents
1. SUPPLEMENTARY IDENTIFICATION FORM IMM5455 (Original application from the Immigration Department)
      Signed by the customer in the white box, the signature must be neat and consistent with the signature on PR card.
2, IMM 5444 PAGE 3 OF 4 (Original Canadian paper)
Signed by the customer in the white box, the signature must be neat and consistent with the signature on PR card. And send the following electronic version of the file to your email:
3, PR Card Photo Requirements (electronic version)
You take this rule to the photo studio and ask the photographer to take photos of you according to this rule. After taking the photo, send us the electronic version of the film.
4, PR Card Application Form IMM5444E (with Chinese annotation)
1) This is the form that must be filled in to apply for PR Card. Please print this form.
2) Fill in your personal information (information that PR lawyer can't know) manually. This form is for PR lawyers, you don't have to worry.
3) After completing the application, the Law Society will adjust, amend, and improve according to the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Law, and later meet the requirements of the Department of Immigration.
5. Apply for PR Card customer to submit the required documents list and confirmation form (electronic version):
Please print out this form and prepare the original, photocopy and electronic documents of the corresponding documents according to the contents of the documents in this file list and confirm them.
Third, take a photo of PR card
The customer sent us an electronic version of the photo, and we took the film to a photo studio in Canada and stamped the photo gallery seal and date stamp. The photo is attached to the application and a photo is attached to your future PR Card.
Fourth, mail customer information to Canada
We will check and check all the official documents of our customers to prevent omissions, and then mail them to Canadian PR lawyers by express mail and registered mail;
The third stage: lawyers study the client's application materials
1. Mr. Maple Card lawyers review and process customer data.
According to the actual situation of the client and the original information provided by the client, the Canadian PR lawyer prepares all the documents for PR Card reissue and the various documents for the customer according to the relevant regulations of the Canadian Immigration Department, and fills in all the relevant PR on behalf of the client. Various forms for card renewal.
Second, mail customer information to PR Card Review Center of the Immigration Department
All the information you have prepared will be mailed to PR Card Review Center of the Canadian Immigration Department.
Stage 4: Immigration Department Approves PR Card Application
1. Customer data is queued for review by the Immigration Department.
The customer information enters PR Card Review Center, and the customer information begins to be queued. According to the progress of PR Card Review Center, the customer needs to wait for 2-4 months under normal circumstances. Special circumstances can be expedited. Customer waiting time is about 3-5 weeks. For details, please visit the website of the Immigration Canada website on PR Card Processing Time:
During the queue, the customer was unable to check the queue location and status of their PR card application.
Second, query the results of PR card review
At the start of the queue for about three months, customers can find relevant pages on the Canadian Immigration website:
Enter your own PR card number, last name, and your own date of birth, and check your PR card processing.
Third, PR Card Review Center handles customer PR card application
    The processing process is divided into two steps:
    1. The first step is in process :
The application for the customer has been reviewed by the immigration officer of PR Card Review Center. The review is as follows:
1) If the customer's situation is relatively smooth, it will go directly to the next step: Decision Made (review results);
2) If the immigration officer believes that there is a problem with the customer's information, the client needs to cooperate with the Canadian PR Card to supplement the corresponding information.
 2. The second step is Decision Made:
Indicates that the review has resulted in the results of the review as follows:
1) Passing the review: The Immigration Department will issue a PR Card to receive the notice within four weeks. With this notice and the original documents of the relevant identity documents, the new PR Card can be obtained from the designated immigration office in Canada;
2) Failure to pass the review: Canadian PR lawyer will appeal on behalf of the client. After the appeal, there are two results:
         A. Successful appeal: The Immigration Department has approved the application for the update of PR Card of the customer. The Immigration Department will issue PR Card to receive the notice within four weeks. With this notice and the original documents of the relevant identity documents, the designated immigration office in Canada can receive the new PR. card;
         B. Complaint Failure: The Immigration Department rejects the customer's PR Card renewal application:
            a. If both husband and wife apply at the same time, as long as at least one of the couple is approved:
               The case will be transferred to the second set of insurance plan for the preservation of PR Card. The full service fee of the first set of plans paid by the customer will be automatically converted into the service fee of the second set of plans.
            b. If both husband and wife are rejected, or the single applicant is rejected:
               The case will be transferred to the third set of insurance plan for the preservation of PR Card (free of charge), and the deposit of PR Card application service fee paid by the customer in the first period will be returned to the customer.
       If all the above three insurance plans are invalid, the application for PR Card fails and PR Card service contract is terminated.
Fourth, the customer's new PR card is approved
       After the customer has checked from the website of the Canadian Immigration Department that their PR card has been approved, the customer pays the second service fee (about 1/2 of the total service fee).
V. Waiting for the Notice of PR Card of the Immigration Department
       Normally, customers need to wait for 4-6 weeks (special circumstances can be expedited, customer waiting time is about 1 week when expedited processing), waiting for the Canadian Immigration Department to send PR card notification notice to us through China. Handed over to the customer.
Stage 5: Entering and taking a new PR Card
First, interview training and preparation for receiving PR card
    1. We will enter the Canadian entry interview training for our clients (customers can also do it by phone or MSN or QQ);
    2. We will provide interview training for customers to receive PR Card (customers can also do it by phone or MSN or QQ).
Second, the customer is ready to go to Canada
    1. Set the ticket and prepare the relevant documents for receiving PR Card.
Customers can receive the new PR Card in Canada with the relevant documents and the New PR Card issued by the Canadian Immigration Department within 180 days after the Immigration Department of Canada has applied for PR Card renewal. The time is up to the customer. There are two possibilities:
1) If the customer picks up within 180 days, they will be able to receive the new PR Card. The new PR Card is valid for 5 years.
2) If the customer does not receive within 180 days, the customer's new PR Card will be destroyed by the Immigration Department.
Third, receive PR card
1. The customer will land in Canada during the validity period of their PR Card and go to the designated immigration office in Canada to collect their new PR Card.
2. Customers who have been trained by us can successfully and safely land in Canada and receive their new PR Card.
3. If the customer feels that the collection is not sure, then we can ask someone to accompany the customer to receive the new PR Card (this service is charged separately).
4. After the customer receives the new PR Card, the status of the new landing in Canada is completely similar, and the customer can get a new permanent resident qualification for free entry and exit in Canada within 5 years. In the new five-year period, customers will be able to successfully acquire the new PR Card for the next five years as long as they have accumulated 730 days.
Stage 6: Next Five Year PR Card and Naturalization Preparation
    If the customer is still unable to live in Canada for 2 years due to personal reasons such as work, study, and life in the next five years, the client will need to prepare immediately after obtaining the new PR Card. To prepare customers for Canadian citizenship in the next three to five years, to solve the client's Canadian identity problem once and for all.
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