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War card instructions - two options

2019-03-28 18:00

Permanent resident domestic business + Canadian identity
        Canada, which combines developed industrial civilization with a beautiful natural landscape, or a quiet or dynamic, or single or multi-elemental element, is different but complements each other. It has been brewing for a long time and is increasingly emitting the charming PR complex of Canada.
        Every Canadian permanent resident, after getting PR Card, is not able to give up his own hometown while he is looking forward to a beautiful habitat, or because of family and friends, or because of the domestic prosperity, this is inevitable A difficult question: how to strike a balance between the two?
        First: If I live in Canada for a long time and take this as the center, although I can enjoy Canada's environment, humanities, welfare and fascinating natural beauty, what should I do in my domestic work and career? Don't want to leave it? How do I interact with my relatives and friends in my motherland? How can I continue to enjoy Chinese food that I have been used to since I was a child?
        Second: If you return to China after a short visit and specialize in domestic development, you may not be able to meet Canada’s residence requirements for permanent residents for five years, resulting in the loss of immigration status in Canada, but how will it be willing? With the arrival of the third round of immigration climax, with the increase of immigration thresholds, this valuable Canadian identity, for your own future, education for your own next generation, is invaluable to enter and leave Canada at any time. . If the loss of immigration status is caused by the monopoly of domestic development, it is undoubtedly an unacceptable result.
        We conduct statistics and classifications on 80% of the customers who own PR Cards. They are in the elite of society, namely entrepreneurs, government officials, and senior white-collar workers:
        1. Senior white-collar workers (persons from foreign companies, large state-owned enterprises, and large private enterprises) account for 38%
        2. Entrepreneurs (owners who own companies and have investments in China) account for 35%
        3. Civil servants (people working in various government agencies) account for 21%
        4, other people accounted for 6%
        As an entrepreneur, they have experienced a process from scratch. In the constant pursuit and struggle, their wealth has been difficult to measure with money. In the process of pursuing the spirit, their career has gradually matured and improved. ;
        As a senior white-collar worker, he enjoys a high-quality life in the bustling high-end business district. Young white-collar workers, generous salary and elegant working environment are enviable.
        As a civil servant, he has a “golden rice bowl” that has received much attention from the society while he has a status. He attracts so many people to go on and on. After retirement, he can live another life in Canada.
        Therefore, for these three groups of people, domestic generous treatment, comfortable life, and admirable social status, they are unable to make up their minds to completely abandon, and go to Canada for a dull, peaceful and ordinary life.
        On the contrary, while embracing natural resources with both hands, Canada is a country with a sound medical and educational system. There are world-class institutions, better welfare in the world, and tolerance for all cultures and people of all races. The heart of the sea.
        This country that advocates democracy and freedom, advocates the coexistence of man and nature, and the concept of survival of heaven and man, quietly fits the spiritual connotation of the Chinese tradition. Therefore, compared with many developed countries in Europe and America, Canada is undoubtedly more The preferred place for many Chinese to study, live and support.
        Thus, whether it is:
        For your children - to provide them with a relaxed learning environment, to grow in a diverse culture; or: For your parents - to enable them to enjoy world-class free medical services;
        still is:
        For your own sake - to give yourself a new life journey in a peaceful and free human environment, Canada is worthy of your ideal place to start.
        In summary, Canada has a very attractive appeal to our permanent residents.
        If I live in Canada for a long time and take this as the center, what should I do in my domestic work and career? Domestic undertakings grow from nothing, from small to large, mature and perfect. In addition to relying on their own wisdom and dedication, they do not rule out God’s “gift”; when most people are busy with running for a small amount of money, white-collar workers People can live a life that is enviable and enviable. Today, the civil service examinations are higher than the waves. After entering the government departments through layers of selection, it is the dream of many talented young people. These lives are hard to come by and we cherish. Today, when you want to leave your own life, go to another over-re-emergence, and endure loneliness and loneliness, how can you bear to leave the time that you have brought to yourself?
        If you return to China after a short visit, you will be responsible for domestic development. According to Canada’s official new policy: those who have obtained permanent resident status in Canada must live in Canada for 2 years (accumulated 730 days) and endure “immigration” in any 5 years. The torture of the prisoner. Otherwise, their immigration status will be written off. First-class medical facilities and education system, the world's better welfare, the opportunity to enjoy all of this is hard-won, but how many people are stunned. How to be willing?
        In the face of such problems, can fish and bear's paws have both, can you solve this dilemma of immigration, can you save the permanent resident status of Canada and keep PR card while keeping the domestic business and life? Too many elites' wishes.
        At present, one of the two major preserved PR card companies in China: Kayide ( said: At present, this problem has been solved. Based on the experience of the recent three years of insurance, they have compiled a set of solutions that meet Canada's requirements for permanent residents and at the same time take into account domestic business and life solutions. The full set of programs are in line with Canada's laws and regulations on permanent residents. Many elites have used these mature methods to properly and legally retain their PR cards and retain their identity as permanent residents of Canada.
        In the field of retaining PR card, Tianjin Kayide Company is quite famous. The domestic PR card experts suggest: For the above problems that have long plagued the permanent residents, don't bother to consider how to avoid the “immigration supervision”, just follow a set of reasonable and legal methods. These problems can be solved, so that the permanent residents of Canada can be effectively protected while PR Card is fully protected. They are also free to control their precious time. They can take care of both the status of Canada and the cause in the country. The beauty of the bear's paw.
        So how does this all start? Canadian permanent residents in the country can log in to the website of the company ( or call the 24-hour free service of the company (Tel: 0086-13752308561).
        If you have a problem with PR card, or if you have a problem with PR Card, you can contact the current more experienced PR Card Consultant and the top PR Project Attorney at the following contact points. They will provide you with more details. Solution.
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