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Frequently Asked Questions
Part I: Frequently Asked Questions about PR Card itself
I. Q: What is PR Card?
Second, Q: How can I meet the conditions for redemption of Maple Leaf Card?
3. Q: How is the five-year period of the “immigration supervision” in Canada calculated?
Q: When did Canada start using Maple Leaf Card?
V. Q: How long is the deadline for receiving PR Card?
Q. What is the difference between permanent residents and citizens?
Q. What is the application process for Maple Leaf Card?
Eight, ask: Is PR card necessary?
IX. Q: Do children of permanent residents also need Maple Leaf Card?
X. Q: Can I use other documents instead of Maple Leaf Card?
XI. Q: What is the application fee for PR Card collected by the Canadian government?
12. Q: Does the applicant have to go back to Canada to apply for Maple Leaf Card?
XIII. Q: Is it legal to apply for a Maple Leaf card outside Canada and sign an affidavit?
XIV. Q: How do I find a lawyer or notary registered in Canada to sign an affidavit overseas?
Fifteen. Q: How long is the validity period of PR Card?
XVI. Q: What should I do if my Maple Leaf Card or immigration status is cancelled?
Seventeen, Q: How to keep PR card?
EighteenQ: What materials are needed to apply for redemption of Maple Leaf Card? ?
Part II: Frequently Asked Questions about Preserving Maple Leaf Cards
I. Q: I am a skilled immigrant. The funds are not plentiful. Can I give more discounts on the price?
Second, Q: Can the payment method be paid in advance?
Third, ask: Can the second payment be paid after receiving PR Card?
Q: Regarding the refund clause, Maple Leaf Card has been approved by the Immigration Bureau. If you fail to get PR Card later, can you withdraw the full amount?
V. Q: Since the application will last for 2-3 years, if your company changes during this period, how can you ensure that the service can last until later?
6. Q: In what way does your company handle our case?
Q: If you have not lived for 2 years, will it affect the credibility in the process of applying?
8. Q: If the application fails, what remedy is there for your company?
IX. Q: If the application fails after 2 years, we have no time to live. What should I do?
X. Q: The new Maple Leaf Card has been approved by the Canadian Immigration Service. Will it not receive the card? If so, what is the problem?
XI. Q: Personal information is privacy. Is it practicable to disclose my personal information before signing the contract?
 I. Q: What is PR Card?
A: [PR Card] is a common name for Canada's permanent resident card.
1. Formally implemented on June 28, 2002.
This new, plastic-quality card, as large as a wallet, has a number of security features, with a laser-engraved photo and signature on the card, and features cardholder appearance such as gender, height and eye color. Etc., and PR Card contains a high-tech design that is more sophisticated than the bank's financial card tape. It contains all the data needed for permanent resident identification. Only authorized officials can read the data, it will not use To track the cardholder's activities, it has the role of protecting the cardholder's privacy rights. From January 1st, 2004, PR Card will completely replace the old-style immigration paper, get rid of big and not easy to carry, and easy to be altered, photocopied or fraudulent.
2, Canada PR card validity period is five years from the date of spontaneous card. However, there are some exceptions, such as the loss of permanent resident status after the absence of performance of the residence obligation, and the applicant may apply for a one-year PR card.
3. The application for PR Card must be filed in China. The applicant must provide a guarantor who lives in Canada. The guarantor must be a Canadian citizen and have known the applicant for more than two years. The guarantor's occupation can be (1) professional. Accountant; (2) chiropractic therapist; (3) sworn officer; (4) dentist; (5) physician; (6) etiquette; (7) justice or judge; (8) lawyer; Agency Manager; (10) Provincial Council Member; (11) Member of Parliament; (12) City Council Secretary; (13) Notary Public; (14) Federal or Provincial Government Official; (15) Embassy, ​​Consulate or High Commission (16) priest; (17) pharmacist; (18) police officer; (19) postmaster; (20) professional engineer; (21) social worker; (22) primary or secondary school teacher; (23) veterinarian. * The guarantor clause has now been cancelled. [return]
Second, Q: How can I meet the conditions for redemption of PR Card?
A: Canada's permanent resident residency obligations: obtaining a permanent resident card (also known as a PR Card or a PR card for short) must comply with the residency obligations. If the permanent resident status has been 5 years or more, you must have been in the past 5 years. If you live in the territory for more than 730 days, if you become a permanent resident for less than 5 years, you must meet the requirement of living in at least 730 days within 5 years.
Regardless of whether you are applying for PR Card for the first time or re-applying for the second PR Card after the expiration of the next five years, you must pass the "residence test". Those who hold permanent residency status in Canada must fulfill their residency obligations for up to 730 during any five-year period. More than one day, if you have not lived for 730 days in any five years after landing, but the following five situations can also be regarded as meeting the requirements of residence, and the time of overseas residence is included in the calculation, which is deemed to have fulfilled the residence obligation:
1. Accompanied Canadian citizens abroad: staying outside Canada with family members holding Canadian citizenship;
Each day of overseas Canadian citizenship can be included in the calculation. This citizen must be your spouse, common-law partner or parent (if you are a child under 22)
2. Overseas appointments: full-time employees stationed overseas by Canadian companies, or official full-time Canadian officials stationed overseas.
Outside Canada, every day outside Canada can be counted. You must be a full-time employee hired by a Canadian company or stationed overseas, or a full-time official who is officially resident overseas in Canada, and meets the following conditions:
1) Positions outside Canada
2) Relationship companies outside Canada
3) Canadian companies or customers outside Canada's official customs
Canadian companies are defined as follows:
A company limited by shares established under the laws of Canada and which continues to operate in Canada; or a company that continues to operate in Canada, is profitable, and is profit-making, and most of its equity or profits are held by Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Or a company defined by the company defined above; or an organization or business established under the laws of Canada.
The above-mentioned so-called Canadian companies must be companies established under the laws of Canada and continue to operate in Canada. They have an operating profitability capability and most of the shares are held by Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and are established to fulfill their residence obligations. The company is not recognized as a Canadian company; the so-called full-time employee refers to a contracted position of a Canadian company outside the relationship, or a Canadian company or government machine for overseas customers.
3. Accompanied Canadian permanent residents abroad
Each day of overseas companionship with Canadian permanent residents can be included in the calculation. This permanent resident needs to be your spouse, common-law partner or parent (if you are a child under the age of 22), the permanent resident spouse meets the above 2 The requirement for overseas employment is that a family member holding a permanent residency is stationed overseas by a Canadian company as a full-time employee, or is stationed overseas as an official Canadian public official, in which case the family member resides abroad.
4. Hold a valid return card
Valid return holders can be counted on each day outside the country.
5. Humane reasons
If the residence requirement cannot be fulfilled, any humanitarian factors that are irresistible to the individual can still be included in the reasons for retaining the permanent resident status. The Department of Immigration will notify whether additional review is required.
3. Q: How is the five-year period of the “immigration supervision” in Canada calculated?
A: First of all, it is not the time from the immigration registration. Secondly, it is not the time to get the PR card.
The law stipulates that the five-year period can only be counted from the day you apply to enter Canada's border (or the day you apply for the PR Card), and count down to five years. As long as you can prove that during the five-year period, you can meet the requirements of two years of residence through one of the three methods mentioned above, there is no problem.
For example, someone was reported to immigration in 1997. In October 2003, I got the PR Card. If the person returned to Canada in July 2004, the immigration officer would ask the question: from July 2004, countdown to five years, whether there is a two-year residence. (The immigration officer does not start from the date when the person obtains the PR card, that is, from October 2003, and then calculates it, and in July 2008, the person is required to live for two years in this period).
In addition, it is clear that taking the immigration supervision and meeting the requirements of five years of full residence is not an obligation of the main applicant, nor is it a duty of family members. It is an obligation of every permanent resident. Therefore, it cannot be replaced. Whoever lives is full, whoever maintains his identity. Whoever does not live full will lose his identity. Can't be replaced. Nor can it be done by one representative.
Under the Citizenship Act, a citizen applying for citizenship must meet the following qualifications: must be a legal permanent resident of Canada; be 18 years of age or older; have been resident in Canada for three years prior to the application; Ability to speak English or French, and to read and write simple instruments; understand the rights and responsibilities of being a Canadian citizen, and be familiar with Canada's political system, historical background and geography. You must take the naturalization test and pass it. For children under the age of 18, if one of their parents or parents is already a Canadian citizen, or if they apply for citizenship at the same time as one of their parents or parents, the applicant is not required to live in Canada for three years. [return]
Q: When did Canada start using PR Card?
A: All new immigrants (including children) who have entered the country since June 28, 2002 will be automatically mailed to you by the Canadian Immigration Department. For immigrants who have landed before June 28, the application time will start on October 15 this year, and on December 31, 2003, the application fee will be 50 yuan. After January 1, 2004, all permanent immigrants must enter the country with PR Card. [return]
V. Q: How long is the deadline for receiving the PR Card?
A: Generally, the processing time of PR Card is 8~12 weeks. Applicants must personally receive the notice letter to the designated place to receive it. The immigration department will save the applicant for 180 days after the card is made. If the applicant fails to collect it within the time limit, the card will be destroyed. The applicant must reapply at the time.
A. How long is the PR card used?
PR Cards are generally used for five years. After five years of accumulating in Canada for two years, you can retain your permanent resident status and update your PR Card.
However, in special circumstances, if you accompany a Canadian citizen overseas and work for a Canadian company overseas, you can still retain your permanent resident status.
B. Canadian immigrants must receive PR Card within six months
According to reports, if the permanent resident who has been issued a PR Card has not received it within six months, the Immigration Department will destroy the card and the applicant must apply again. The number of people applying for PR Card will reach as much as 1.5 million.
The system of permanent resident cards (ie PR Card) stipulated in the New Immigration Law is the first in the history of immigration. After January 1, 2004, the PR Card must be used to enter Canada. The original IMM1000 immigration paper will be abolished from now on.
According to reports, regardless of their age, applicants must personally go to the designated place to receive the notice, and cannot be on their behalf. The Immigration Department will only save the applicant for 180 days after the card is issued. If the applicant fails to collect it within the time limit, the card will be destroyed.
Q. What is the difference between permanent residents and citizens?
A. The superiority of Canadian permanent residents:
1. Once you become a Landed immigrant, your immigrant visa will be valid for life. Other types of visas, such as student visas, visiting visas, and work visas, are temporary visas. Once they have not been extended, they must leave the country.
2. It is easy to approve if you apply for a Canadian immigrant visa to study in other countries. For example, going to the United States, it is easy to get multiple visas for ten years.
3. Permanent residents may be employed by any company except for certain positions that are confidential to the state.
4. You can travel freely to and from China and Canada without any formalities.
5. Canadian permanent residents have the same rights as Canadian citizens except for not being able to participate in political elections.
B. Rights of Canadian citizens
1. Canadian citizens mainly enjoy the following rights (Citizenship Rights):
2. Protected by Canadian law and enjoyed the right to equality before the law.
3. The right to participate in all political activities.
4. The right to enter, reside or leave Canada.
5. The right to freely choose a career and place of residence.
6. Enjoy the right to education in minority languages.
7, free primary and secondary education, free vocational training, enjoy social insurance benefits and priority to apply for some forms of education funding rights.
8. The right to dual citizenship.
9. Immigrants who get the PR Card are permanent residents or Chinese nationals. They can travel to and from China and Canada at will, but they hold a Chinese passport. After they have lived, they become Canadian citizens. They can hold a Canadian passport and can have dual citizenship. 
Q. What is the application process for PR Card?
A: From June 28, 2002, after the new immigrants arrive in Canada, PR Card will be mailed to them. At the time of entry, the immigration officer will verify your personal details, including photos, and then send you PR Card for the next three weeks. The new permanent resident will arrive at the time of the initial time. If the address is not provided at the time of entering the customs, or if the address is to be changed, the new address must be declared. If the Immigration Department's mailing address is not available within one hundred and eighty days after entering, you must re-apply for a permanent resident card and pay the relevant fees. If you have not received PR Card 30 days after the address is filed, please inform the Immigration Department.
Eight, ask: Is PR card necessary?
A: All the permanent residents who return to Canada after the transition period (December 31, 2003) will be required to present your PR Card.
IX. Q: Do children of permanent residents also need PR Card?
A: Yes, every permanent resident needs a PR card when doing international travel. If the children of permanent residents are born in Canada, they are Canadian citizens and must have a Canadian passport when travelling. [return]
X. Q: Can I use other documents instead of PR Card?
A: Usually it is not possible.
After December 31, 2003, all permanent residents will be shown a PR card when returning to Canada after traveling. In case of emergency, such as PR Card is lost, you can apply for one-time travel documents to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country (Note: One-time travel documents are not tourist visas, one-time travel documents are issued to Canadian immigrants, tourist visas It is issued to non-immigrants who travel to Canada for a short trip.) 
XI. Q: What is the application fee for PR Card collected by the Canadian government?
A: $50 per card. Everyone applying for permanent resident status in Canada must have this card, including the child of the applicant. If a permanent resident becomes a Canadian citizen, his PR Card will automatically lapse, and a Canadian passport will be required when going abroad.
12. Q: Does the applicant have to go back to Canada to apply for PR Card?
A: Not necessarily. If the applicant is currently overseas, a family of people who want to apply for a PR card and fly back to Canada to sign an affidavit will cost a lot of money and time. Is it possible to complete the application for PR card, including signing an affidavit and taking photos, in the place where the applicant is currently living abroad, without having to go to Canada personally? The answer is yes. [return]
XIII. Q: Is it legal to apply for a PR card outside Canada and sign an affidavit?
A: The legal requirement is that the application for PR Card must be filed in Canada. But the law does not say that applicants must be in Canada when applying for PR Card. The fundamental difference between the law and the Department of Immigration’s interpretation of the law is that, according to the provisions of the Regulations, if the applicant is abroad, an affidavit is signed in front of a Canadian lawyer, and the lawyer brings all the application materials back to Canada. In the territory of Canada, it is sent to PR Card Application Center of the Immigration Department. Such a PR card application has fulfilled the requirements of the law that the "PR Card application must be filed in Canada". Because the behavior of Canadian lawyers in Canada should be considered as an extension of the applicant's conduct in Canada. [return]
XIV. Q: How do I find a lawyer or notary registered in Canada to sign an affidavit overseas?
A: After solving the legality of signing an affidavit overseas, we also need to resolve the issue of witness qualifications for overseas affidavits. The law stipulates that such witnesses must be qualified as Canadian registered lawyers or qualified as Canadian notaries. In Canada, except for lawyers in Quebec who generally do not have the qualifications of a notary public, lawyers in all other provinces are qualified as notaries. As long as you can find a lawyer with a Canadian notary qualification or a Canadian notary in your place of residence, you can legally sign an affidavit in front of him. 
Fifteen. Q: How long is the validity period of PR Card?
A: Every Canadian permanent resident must apply for this PR Card, including the applicant's children. PR Card is valid for five years. All permanent residents are required to present a valid PR Card when entering Canada after December 31, 2003. It should be noted that PR Card held by the cardholder when returning to Canada must be within the validity period. If the permanent resident has become a Canadian citizen, then PR Card will automatically lapse, and a Canadian passport will be required for entry and exit.
XVI. Q: What should I do if my PR Card or immigration status is cancelled?
A: Immigration consultant experts and lawyers specializing in immigration issues suggest that if the people are confiscated by the customs or Canadian foreign office staff or cancel the immigration qualification, it is better to contact a professional immigration consultant or a licensed lawyer immediately. In order to avoid making improper decisions because they do not understand immigration laws, they are disqualified from immigration.
To apply to become a Canadian citizen, you must calculate the date on the date of application and must live in Canada for 3 years within 4 years. For example, if you apply today, from October 20, 2000 to the present, you need to live in the local for 3 years to be eligible to apply for citizenship. Many Chinese immigrants from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been rushing between the two places due to work and other factors, becoming a flying trapeze, causing insufficient time for staying in Canada, and the PR Card or immigration status has been cancelled, especially since 2002. Since June, after the implementation of the new immigration law by the Canadian government, the number of cases has increased. The reason is that the new immigration law gives the Customs and overseas visa office staff the discretion, and has the right to confiscate or cancel the immigration qualification of the parties. Many immigrants are worried that the Maple card may be confiscated or lose their immigration status.
The public will not have the same conceptual error when they have lived for 2 years in 5 years, because every time they leave Canada, customs officers will count from the previous day. For example, when going abroad today, customs officers will be from October 19, 2004. Counting from the previous day, see if you have lived for 2 years from October 19, 1999 to today. If not, Customs officers have the right to confiscate your PR Card.
Although the regulations are expressly stated, there are still grey areas because the new immigration law has not yet been finalized. For example, a party may set up a company locally. Although it is the person in charge of the company, it is paid as usual, and it is based on official business. It is stationed overseas and is taxed as usual every year. Real estate vehicles are reserved locally and can still retain immigration status. He specifically mentioned that some people who have stayed abroad and have not yet obtained PR cards have to apply for one-way visas to Canada's overseas offices because they have to return to Canada, but they have been disqualified from applying for PR Card. To this end, the public is reminded to contact the PR Card Consultant or a lawyer before applying for a one-way visa.
Applicants apply for citizenship and income tax laws, so if they can file tax and property documents, they still have the opportunity to obtain citizenship. "If you want to apply for immigration overseas for a long time, you usually need to live for 3 years in 4 years, but if you can provide evidence, such as local community or church members, annual tax returns and tax refund documents, real estate and investment management, and even long-term leases. Have the opportunity to apply for citizenship."
If the PR Card is confiscated by Customs officers and is required to sign the waiver of the immigration eligibility letter, the public may refuse the visa and seek the assistance of the immigration consultant or lawyer immediately after the return, and submit the appeal within 15 days. If the book has been signed, it can be applied to the court for a waiver of the immigration eligibility letter signed at the customs at the time of the return within 60 days. [return]
Seventeen, Q: How to keep the PR card?
A: The common ways to keep a PR card are:
A. Overseas by Canadian companies
All Canadian permanent residents must have accumulated 730 days in Canada for each consecutive five years, and they have to fulfill this obligation as long as they are not citizens. Although Canada is very strict with this requirement, there are still special circumstances that can be avoided by the “immigration supervision”. The better way is to be hired by a Canadian company. The company sends you to work in China, so the time you work in China can also be counted as the time of residence in China. Or, if your spouse or parents (have been permanently employed) are employed full-time by the Canadian Federal Public Service and are stationed in China, you can also be a family member to accompany them to live in China without having to stay in Canada.
This approach seems to be relatively simple and easy to operate. However, the risk of escaping the “immigration supervisor” in this way is extremely high. The immigration officer has investigated the case very strictly. They know that many applicants who change the PR card will take this. Ways to make deceptive behavior. Therefore, the applicant needs to submit relevant documents to prove that he is in compliance with the requirements. “To prove that the Canadian company you are working for is legally registered, it is necessary to present the company’s business license, accounting report, employment contract signed with the employee, payroll, Income tax bills, etc., in addition to the reasons why the company sent you to work abroad.
In the investigation, you need to show all kinds of documents to prove that you are really doing business for the company overseas, and keep close contact with the company. For example, if you are a purchasing manager, you must have a procurement document, a product quotation, a business contract signed on behalf of the company with an overseas supplier, a daily email or letter that communicates with the company, and a quarterly or yearly return. Canada reports to the higher level. In addition, the immigration officer also needs to check the applicant's historical records, such as the entry and exit records on the passport. ”
B. Accompanying a spouse or a full-time expatriate permanent resident spouse to go abroad
In addition, you can marry or marry a Canadian citizen. If you are reluctant to leave the country, let him or her come to China. Canadian law stipulates that when one spouse is a citizen and the other resident is accompanied by a citizen (spouse), leaving Canada to go overseas may be exempt from domestic residence. It must be noted that “coming in and out” is very important, and going out, entering, living, etc. must be together, and there should be uninterrupted evidence to prove. Perhaps a good proof is that you take photos with time every few days, and there are different certifiers in the photos. In addition, you must have evidence that residents are accompanying citizens, not citizens accompanying residents. 
18. Q: What materials are needed to apply for redemption of PR Card?
A: The following information must be submitted at the time of application. If the material is missing or the photocopy is unclear, your application will be returned.
Completed “Permanent Resident Card Application Form” (IMM5444)
Your fee receipt (IMM5401). This receipt should be completed and stamped by a Canadian bank.
Your "Identification Supplementary Form" (IMM5455). This form should be accompanied by your photo and signed by a black pen in the designated applicant's signature space.
Your existing permanent resident card (if you are applying to replace or update an existing damaged Maple card)
Photocopies of the following certified documents:
1) an existing passport, or
2) A certificate of identity issued by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or
3) Refugee travel documents issued by the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Note: Submitted certified photocopies only need to be able to display the number of the file, your name, photo, and the page number of the date of birth.
Photocopies of the following certified documents:
4) Immigration paper IMM1000, or permanent resident identification IMM5292, or other documents proving your permanent resident status or
5) your existing driver's license, or
6) Your existing Canadian provincial government issued an ID card, or
7) The student ID of your current Canadian school, or
8) Your recent income tax approval (issued by the Canadian Internal Revenue Service)
Note: In order to expedite your application process, it is recommended that you submit a copy of your immigration paper (IMM1000) or Permanent Resident Status Confirmation (IMM5292) or other permanent resident identity document when submitting a certified photocopy of the document.
Two of your photos. The size of the photo should meet the requirements of the PR photo. One of them is posted on the “Identification Supplementary Form” (IMM5455) and the other one is not attached to the form. Behind this photo you must have the signature of your guarantor.
If the applicant is under the age of 18 and needs the signature of his or her parent or legal guardian, a photocopy of the applicant's birth certificate (showing the applicant's name, date of birth, place of birth, parent or adoptive parent's name) is required. . If the applicant is requested by his or her legal guardian, he or she must provide legal documents for the guardianship of the legal guardian. 
Answer to the question about retaining PR card
I. Q: Can the price be favorable?
A: 1. The price quoted to you is the price of this industry.
The current quote for you is the current price in the industry, which is the average price. That is, only this price can do this business. It’s like Beijing’s housing price is now 21,000 square meters. It’s not expensive or cheap. It’s only a price to buy a house in Beijing.
2, you definitely want to find a larger PR professional company to do.
Whether you are through word of mouth, through the introduction on the network, through the introduction of friends, in short, you find us to find that you want to do the domestic PR card to do a longer time, larger scale, done A more professional, high-success company, to do a PR card or naturalization case for you.
If you are solely for the price, you definitely don't look for us, because our big advantage is not exactly the price, but the success rate.
If it is purely for the price, you can go to the small companies that can't get the business. They are really flexible in price, because they have no business, they can have business Amitabha, and if they can't do it, then you can Look at your luck. It’s a good fortune, and you can’t do it to gain experience. If you buy a house, you must buy a Vanke house. Would you not buy the house built by the collapse of the Shanghai building? Even Vanke's house is a little more expensive.
3. The price of a safe program is high, and the price of a risky program is low.
Retaining PR Card or naturalization, according to the different situations of each person, we have developed a number of solutions. Different people have different situations, and the difficulty of solving is also very large. Therefore, simply talking about the price is not certain. The price is high or the price is low. The key is to see what plan is used. In a word, the price of a risky program is relatively low, and the price of a relatively safe plan is relatively high. It can be described as a penny. Mercedes-Benz cars are definitely more expensive than Chery's cars. If someone tells you that you can buy a Mercedes-Benz with the price of Chery, you are not fooling you.
4. If your PR card really doesn't make sense to you, I suggest you give it up! ! !
If your PR card doesn't really mean much to you, it doesn't matter if you have it or not. We recommend that you give up on it, why bother with it, why bother with it, why pay for it, if you want to keep PR card Just pay for it, let it succeed, and give it up if it doesn't make sense.
5, the intermediary 1% of the mistake = your 100% failure.
For the preservation of PR card, it is related to the identity of Canada in your later life. Although the price is one of the factors to consider, it is more important to consider the success rate. Although some small companies imitate us and promise you, no refund, but even if you give a refund, but your identity is gone, for PR Card, even if the success rate is 99%, you are the failure 1%, but 100% loss for your Canadian identity. This may not be what you want. Therefore, we believe that success rate is more important than price.
6, I suggest you find a larger company in PR card industry to do! ! !
Although no one can guarantee you 100%, we still recommend that you do a good job of finding a professional company like ours.
1) Large professional companies like us are more focused. For example, we only keep PR card business, and the others don't do it. Because of our focus, we can achieve the first in the narrow field of PR Card. .
2) Professional large companies like us have a long time to do, and they have many accepted cases and rich experience. They are more skillful in dealing with accidents and emergencies. How many “revolutionary martyrs” and “throwing blood” are exchanged for these experiences? Ah, you can buy it without spending money. Now that you sign up with us, you can enjoy the successful experience of these "predecessors" and "throwing the blood and throwing blood", so that you can take less detours, wrong roads, and roads. You are just spending money to get so much success that you don’t have to run on your own.
3) Professional companies like ours focus on reputation, word of mouth, long-term goals, and pay more attention to their honors, so they will be more persistent, more serious, more professional, and more striving for excellence when dealing with your case. This is not something that small companies can compare.
4) Although many small companies in the cottage version also completely copy our website and steal our documents, they can't grasp the core and essence of the case. It seems that PR card is retained, but the kernel gap is very large. For example, it seems to be a car. Ordinary cars can only be opened. Advanced cars should consider safety, environmental protection, comfort, fuel economy and so on. Our reservations for PR Cards and Naturalization Programs include multiple insurance options. When a program fails, there will be another solution to be implemented, and both you must keep your PR card and everything needs to be carried out under a legal framework. Your Canadian credit remains intact, and these are not visible from the front desk, but they do need to be implemented at a cost. This is why our prices are only reasonable, not the lower ones.
5) We would rather not do it or destroy the reputation! Retaining PR card circle is very small, it is entirely based on success rate, word of mouth, credit to do business, so if we do not have more than 95% of the grasp, we will not be able to pick up the case, we would rather not pick up, can not damage ourselves Reputation in this circle.
6) Prices will increase as successful cases continue to increase and success rates continue to increase. Frankly speaking, our price this year is higher than last year. Why? Because one is too many successful cases, the customer introduces the customer, the friend introduces the friend, and leads to too many customers. Second, the lawyer's reputation is getting bigger and bigger, so the price tag is also increased, which is one of the reasons for the price increase.
7, if you say so much, you still feel the price is high, I suggest you give up PR card, because this PR card is not worth it!
Second, Q: Can the payment method's prepayment amount be less than 1/2 of the total cost?
1. In order to ensure that your application service can proceed smoothly.
One-half of the total initial payment is the current practice of retaining PR card industry. Its main function is to get your application service started normally. The application fee includes all costs and reasonable profits related to your case. The early stage is a more important stage. The previous stage of success is very crucial. A good start is half of the success, and the early stage is more critical, so if If the prepayment is too small and the funds are not in place, then all the more critical pre-work will be affected by the lack of funds, which will definitely affect the quality of service we apply for your PR card or apply for naturalization.
2. In order to allow the lawyer to handle your case in accordance with the normal process.
Lawyers are also people. When he is dealing with the case, he will also be affected by external factors. Because external factors can affect his mood or become better or worse, or become worse, the former leads him to play at a super level. The latter may It caused him to lose Waterloo. It is precisely because of this that the family members of pregnant women must give red packets to the surgeons, anesthesiologists and even nurses before production. In fact, can't they produce red envelopes? The answer is definitely no, since it can not be produced even if the red envelope is not produced, why should the pregnant family members give the doctor a red envelope? That is because the family members of pregnant women treat doctors as people, and hope that doctors can give more attention, care and care to pregnant women and children. That's why, according to the convention, how much you pay for the down payment, and how much you pay, is to let the lawyer treat you in the same way as other customers. If the first payment is not paid according to the regularity, and even some fees need to be paid by the lawyer himself, the lawyer is definitely not good. Although the professional ethics and company regulations do not allow the lawyer to work badly, the mood is definitely affected or the work is potentially affected. Nowadays, lawyers accept more cases. He can make regular payment cases first. He can pay more attention to the customers who pay normally. He can handle the things that should be handled by the assistants themselves. These will affect more or less. The result of the later application. We don't ask you to give a lawyer a red envelope now, just ask you to follow the crowd, pay 1/2 for you, and pay 1/2 for it.
3. Commitment is not successful refund.
The amount of down payment is not really important. More important is to succeed, the first payment is 1/2 is also to ensure success. The second is to retreat 10,000 steps and we will refund your money if it is unsuccessful. The success rate has already been said a lot before, so I won’t say more here. If it doesn't work, we don't charge a penny, so you don't have to pay too much attention to the down payment.
4. We will not run away for the money for you.
It is true that some companies in the society now run away after receiving the money from the customers. But this is a minority after all.
1) First of all, you should try to go to a large professional company like ours. If you want to escape, the chances of a small company escaping are much larger than that of a big company. If you don't think that a company like ours can't believe it, then you can go to Canada to live in a stable and stable way, so that you can apply for your PR card when PR Card expires. As long as you entrust others, there will be risks.
2) Secondly, as a large company that we formalize, we will not run away for the down payment of a customer. After all, the proportion of a customer's down payment in our business is very small. We will not give up our business in order to illegally occupy a client's money.
3) Third, as long as there is market business, it will not be yellow, business will not be yellow, and there will be no closure of the company. At present, there are many people who have to deal with PR Card business in China. Many people are faced with the need to change PR Card, and PR Card will be changed every five years. As long as there is no major adjustment in the Canadian immigration policy, this business will continue. Even if there is a major adjustment in Canada’s immigration policy, there will always be policies and countermeasures. 
Third, ask: Can the second payment be paid after receiving PR Card?
A: The second payment should be paid when you get PR Card Notice. The reasons are as follows:
1. The service after payment is the practice of the consulting industry.
The practice of the consulting service industry is to pay for the service first. Whether it is a merchant or a customer, it is certain that both the buyer and the seller will do everything according to the rules, so that it is formal and standardized, and it is not easy to make a mistake. Therefore, it is better to follow the rules that everyone agrees. Moreover, other customers are following this rule.
2. The second payment is the consulting service fee for your entry and card withdrawal.
The second payment you pay is the consulting service fee for your entry and withdrawal. As a customer, you definitely want us to provide you with better service, but if the funds are not in place, the quality service may not be fulfilled. "The troops are not moving, the grain is first," the consulting fee you pay is the grain. Your grain will be in place on time and you will be able to win in front. The common people often say that they can't let the horse run fast and don't give the horse a grass to eat. That is the reason. In a word, paying your second payment on time is actually a better beneficiary or yourself.
3. There is an unsuccessful refund for this card.
You want to pay the second money later. The potential meaning is that we hope that we can work harder to help you succeed, and bind your interests and our interests better. This is completely understandable. How can this be achieved? That is the unsuccessful refund we have made. This is to achieve the goal you want and to tie the interests of both parties together. We didn't help you make it. We can't make this money. We just do this business, that is, make this money. If we can't reach you, we will definitely not earn this money. We will not make this money. If we can't make it, we can't afford the cost of our daily expenses. We can't continue this business, let alone make a reasonable profit. Then we don't want to close the door? So unsuccessful refunds solve your concerns, and our interests are actually bundled together.
4. We do this to reduce the cost of our customers.
If the second payment is paid after receiving PR Card, there will be a small number of customers who fail to pay the contract. Then other customers will pay for the non-compliance of these few customers. Why do you say this? Because the merchant will certainly not pay for it, what should I do? It is to increase the service fee and distribute the unpaid amount of a small number of customers to all the customers. This is unfair to the performing customers. I don't want you to pay for other non-compliance customers. Reducing the cost of customer payments is one of the factors we consider.
Q: Regarding the refund clause, PR Card has been approved by the Immigration Bureau. If you fail to get PR Card later, can you withdraw the full amount, instead of just withdrawing the second payment as stated in the contract?
Answer: 1. Why does PR Card apply for the service fee and receive two money? Because the two moneys were originally used for two purposes.
1) The purpose of the first money is: the lawyer will help you apply the problematic PR card application to the lawyer's understanding of the immigration law, as well as the accumulation of a large amount of experience, and rely on many successful cases to properly process your PR card application. So that your PR card application meets the requirements of the Immigration Department and is ultimately approved by the USCIS. This is a lot of effort that can be achieved. Once your PR card application is approved on the Canadian Immigration website, this part of the work has been implemented, and the efforts of the lawyer have blossomed. This part of the reward should be given to lawyers. In foreign countries, lawyers are required to pay legal fees regardless of whether they win or lose, but we can do it. If your PR card application is not approved, the lawyer may not accept this part of the money.
2) The purpose of the second money is:
The first is the consulting fee to help you enter and get the card training;
The second is to make a reasonable profit for your business.
If you get the card later, we get the profit we deserve from the second. If you don't get the card, of course we have to return this money to you. However, if you have not obtained the card, you will be asked to help you with your problematic PR card and get the money approved by the Canadian Immigration Service. This part has been successfully completed by the lawyer's efforts. It is unreasonable that lawyers are not paid.
This is why PR Card has been approved by the Immigration Department in the refund clause. If you fail to get PR Card later, it is only one of the reasons for the second payment.
2. Many customers are limited by their own situation, which makes it impossible to follow the requirements of the Immigration Bureau on entry and withdrawal, or even according to the successful methods we provide. Therefore, the unsuccessful card retrieval may be caused by poor guidance and poor training, but it may also be caused by the user's inability to follow the requirements of the immigration office or in accordance with the successful case provided by us. . If both parties have the responsibility to calculate, the loss of the second payment should be shared by the merchant and the customer, that is, half of the second payment is paid by the customer, and we refund half of the customer's money from the second money, but we Now we take a more tolerant approach to our customers, that is, as long as the customer does not get the card, whether it is the customer's responsibility or our responsibility, this part does not need the customer to bear, we return it to the customer. It is very unreasonable to ask for the first payment to be retired.
3, you may say, I am looking for you to do is PR card, even if the Immigration Bureau approved my application, but I did not get it, from the overall effect, I still did not succeed. So from your point of view, we should retire the full amount.
The problem is that the Canadian government has strict regulations on PR Card. You are required to live in two years in five years. If you want to have no risk at all and require a high percentage of safety, you should strictly follow the Canadian government regulations. Go to the Canadian immigration supervisor honestly. You are now unable to live full. In fact, you have taken a lot of risks. After all, you are dealing with the Canadian Immigration Service. People are the government. You are an individual. How can your personal meager strength counter the power of the government? Even if we are big, it’s just a company. Now we are using our lawyers’ in-depth understanding of Canadian immigration law, relying on many of our success stories, plus feedback from the personal experience of hundreds of customers in front of you. Help you, solve your difficult PR card renewal, you find us, it is already in danger, the fire in the chest, the dead horse as a living horse doctor, if the pursuit of perfection, foolproof, high ratio success, there is only one The method, and the only way, is to live honestly for 2 or 3 years, as required by the Canadian Immigration Service.
You find us, we should all have such a mentality, we face the risks together, face the challenges together, share the possible blows, make bad plans, make greater efforts, and strive for better results. This may not be a steady, steady, no wind, no danger, smooth things.
V. Q: In view of the fact that the cooperation between the two parties will last for 2-3 years, if your company changes during this period, how will your company ensure that our relationship continues to be later?
A: Our contracts are valid no matter how many years. If there are changes in the future, we are prepared to deal with it as follows:
1) If there is a change in our company, we will properly arrange to continue the agreement with you.
2) In case of various reasons, we can't do this. We will give you a copy of all the information you have made, including the step in which your case will be processed. What to do next, let you Your case has a comprehensive understanding. At that time, you can choose to terminate the case and take over by yourself, or you can choose to have a reliable company on your behalf to continue processing your case.
3) If you plan to handle your own case or give up processing, we will refund the amount you paid in advance, and we will not charge you for all the work we did for you in the previous period.
4) If you entrust us to continue, we will screen a large-scale, high-successful formal company in Canada and continue to take over your case so that your case will not be affected by changes in our company.
5) Regardless of whether we entrust any one to take over your case, we will ask the other party to follow the requirements of the agreement between you and our company. Let you avoid economic losses.
6) If there is a change in my company, the person handling your case is still there, you can continue to contact him, and he will coordinate the matter between you and the new company. If the person handling your case is gone, we can replace the agreement signed between you and our company with the agreement of the company that continues to take over your case and maintain your normal rights.
6. Q: In what way does your company handle our case?
A: This question is very big. It is very small. It is simple to say:
1. Using lawyers' in-depth study and thorough understanding of Canadian immigration law, combined with the characteristics of your case, in the framework of the law, to find a reasonable, reasonable and legal basis for your PR card application, and to deal with Based on many cases, the analysis summarizes the successful experience of our company and the lessons of other companies' failures. Together with all the actual experience of all customers from application, entry and card collection, we will formulate corresponding and realistic results for you. , with multiple insurance application plans.
2, meticulously speaking, then there is no endless. According to the different situations of customers, we have summarized 59 methods in eight categories, each of which has distinct pertinence and can cope with the actual situation of most customers. The 59 methods in these eight categories are the magic weapon for lawyers to win, and the rice bowl for lawyers to eat. A lot of content related to the understanding of Canadian immigration law, it also involves how PR Card Review Center reviews the client's application process, key, key points, and key points. It also involves the immigration officer assessing whether the client fulfills his or her residency obligations when issuing the card. What is the standard of spot checks? How do I find out if a customer has a problem? How to determine a careful inspection of a customer. What else is involved in how the customs review the entry personnel? Where can I find out who needs to be reviewed? What should I do when customs meet immigration officials? Wait a minute, etc., it’s not something that people outside can understand. In addition, the lawyer’s professional ethics does not allow him to make so many industry practices public, just as magicians can only perform magic for the audience, but the magic The division's industry constraints and his professional ethics are similar to the fact that he is not allowed to announce the mystery of the magic. Otherwise he will be cast aside by the whole industry.
3, in addition to the summary of the eight categories of 59 methods, in fact, it is more commendable that the year-round processing of PR card, leading to lawyers can produce an intuition, such as whether it should be done or not, sometimes no possible standard, maybe this This should be done the next time. It should be done next time. In addition to the theoretical basis on which immigration law can be based, many other things rely on experience, intuition, enlightenment, and inspiration. These are not short-term exercises. All of them need to be edified all the year round, perennial infiltration, and can handle this kind of business all the year round. A lot of things are just things that can be said to be unspeakable.
4. These methods and techniques to be used in your future are confirmed by countless successful cases. They are practice-tested and can't be forgiven. You don't have to worry about this in particular. Although sometimes there are things that have not happened before, sometimes there are some unexpected events, but most of the cases are in our hands. We also encountered during such a long process of handling PR Card. There have been countless emergencies, so even if there is an accident, we have enough ability and experience to deal with emergencies. [return]
7. Q: Since I have not lived for 2 years, will we make some false information in the process of handling the case and affect our credibility?
Answer: 1. Keeping PR Card can only be considered as half of the task is completed. More importantly, it is difficult to maintain PR Card without affecting your credibility.
2. Since you have not lived for 2 years, this is a fact. Only on the basis of this fact, you can make appropriate adjustments to your application materials within the scope of reasonableness, reasonableness and legality, without affecting your reputation. Next, strive to achieve the success of PR card application.
3. If it is really possible to find out that your reputation has been compromised due to the application for PR Card, in order to protect your credibility, we will help you to withdraw your application from PR Card Review Center. This is permitted under Canadian law. Once you withdraw, your application information will be revoked, so there will be no events that affect your reputation. 
8. Q: If the application fails, what remedy is there for your company? (in case you can do it without taking the route)
A: 1. The first type of failure is that the Immigration Department has not approved your application for PR Card. In this case, it is necessary to look at what conditions you have and see if you have any favorable conditions to use. Under normal circumstances, everyone can find available resources, such as relatives in Canada, such as once in Europe, Japan or the United States, such as having worked in Canada, such as a variety of resources available. Different remedies can be taken in different situations. In short, in the first step, it is really impossible for us to completely fail. So the possibility of what you are worried about is only a small probability event.
2. The second type of failure is that the Immigration Bureau has applied through your PR Card, but did not receive PR Card for various reasons when entering and withdrawing the card. This kind of thing has not actually happened according to the results of our current statistics.
Usually, the immigration office will not refuse you in this case, because your PR card has been approved, indicating that the information we submitted to you is seamless and seamless. In this case, the worse case is that the Immigration Department asks you to supplement the information, as long as it can be added to the immigration office to be able to send you a new PR Card.
3. If you have used any method or not, at least there is a trick later, that is, you can live in Canada for two years.
IX. Q: If the application fails after 2 years, we have no time to live. What should I do?
A: 1. It is recommended that as long as you can go to live, of course, it is more legal, safer and more economical to live in Canada for two years according to the immigration law. This situation is not the scope of our business. Our business scope is to help those customers who have difficulties with PR cards and cannot solve them themselves. Help them get a new PR card.
2. We have not had a case of failure so far. Based on previous statistics, your probability of failure is not large. According to the probability, a small probability time cannot occur.
3. If all the applications fail, you still don't have time to live in order to keep your PR card. That means that Canada's identity is really not important to you. It is definitely more important than keeping your PR card in your country. You might as well give up your PR card. 
X. Q: Why did the new PR Card have been approved by the Canadian Immigration Service, but did not receive the card when the card was received? What is the problem?
A: There are many reasons why the new PR Card has been approved by the Canadian Immigration Service, but the card was not received when the card was received. For example:
1. The Immigration Bureau asked him to take the card on September 22. He said that he will not wait until September 22.
2, the Immigration Bureau asked him to take the driver's license and medical card when he took the card, he said he did not!
3. The Immigration Department asked him to take all the passports when he took the card. He only brought one.
4, test driver's license is also good, it takes a certain amount of time to handle the medical card, he said that I don't have much time.
5. The immigration officer volunteered that he was not full.
6, when taking the card, nervous, timid, incoherent, afraid, answer is not asked.
7. Set your own ticket without authorization, and do not go to Canada according to the route, method and time we specified.
8, and so on, etc., may result in the approval but did not receive the card 
XI. Q: Personal information is privacy. I don't want to provide it before signing. I am afraid that it is not safe. I am afraid that you will disclose my personal information.
Answer: 1. Do not know if your situation is not handled by you. Just like a doctor who listens to a patient's statement, does not test blood, does not test urine, does not test liver function, does not take X-ray, gives the patient The conclusion is the same. The patient said that I had a headache. The doctor said that the brain tumor was caused. The patient said that the stomach hurts. The doctor concluded that the patient had a stomach ulcer. This is extremely irresponsible for the patient. It’s nice to say that this doctor is a quack doctor, and it’s hard to say that it’s a human life.
2. Because of this, the guests gave us a very small amount of information, so that our lawyers can make extremely accurate judgments on his case. This is impossible. The doctor also gets all the information about your case through the large amount of information you provide. Just like doing various medical tests in a hospital. Without this information, it is impossible for a lawyer to give you a more accurate judgment of your case, giving you a more targeted solution.
3. We rely on retaining the problematic PR card for customers and helping customers to earn money. We are not a company that resells customer information to make money. Our profit point itself is to retain identity for customers. Leaking the customer's information, causing disputes, affecting our reputation, so that other customers will not come to our company to do business, we can not lick their own jobs.
4. We are not doing this business for a year or two. If there is an incident that reveals customer information, it has already spread in PR card industry. Only you are looking for us, indicating that you have not heard this. The news, even if the gossip you have not heard of it, or you will not come to our company. We have not had such an incident for so many years. Now we are more experienced than before, the system is more perfect, the service is more thoughtful, and how can we make such a low-level mistake.
5. If you are in China, you and our large professional company specializing in PR card business have no sense of security, then you will not have a sense of security when you cooperate with a small company with only 1 or 2 people in China. To be true, it is recommended that you apply for your own PR Card so that no one will see your information.
6, in order to solve the customer's heart disease, we also give you some effective advice:
Cover your photo, name, card number and other important information and then copy it, you will not reveal your information. 
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