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War card instructions - top ten advantages

2019-03-28 23:26

        At present, PR Card industry is retained, and the larger scale is considered to be the card company ( In the highly professional field of retaining PR Card, many companies in the same industry have been unable to withstand the pressure of competition, and the survival of the fittest is the development law of every industry. Why can the company be invincible? And get the trust of more and more applicants? Kayide, which already has a relatively large customer base in the country, must have its advantages. Summarized as ten points:
 I. Many successful cases, experienced experience, no success, no charge
        1. Beginning on January 1, 2004, all permanent residents will present their PR card when they return to Canada after going out for a tour. The five-year period is one cycle. Therefore, the problem of needing to replace PR card broke out in 2008. The company was aware of this market opportunity and started the business. The first successful case in the country was the result of the company. Over the years, more successful cases have been “born” in the company.
        2. As a company that values ​​reputation and reputation, it will show its achievements to customers. But in the earlier cases, we have both success and failure. Our consultants and lawyers team continue to specialize and innovate, and personally simulate the exercises in the process of exploration. Today, the professional level has reached the point of being innocent. As our customers, you are tasted the mature methods and experience, and the taste is the fruit of victory.
        3. “Professional things, please let professional people do it.” This is a jargon, but many companies have a variety of businesses, including immigration, applying for study abroad. All employees of Kayide Company are only engaged in the business of Baoye Yeka and naturalization. Because of their success in focusing on their business, they can make promises that they will not succeed without charging.
2. All legal operations, does not damage the customer's credit history
        Kayide has 80% of the country's customer base, and has won the trust of so many people. It is hard to come by to achieve such a result today, and Kayide Company is cherished. The company cherishes the customer's reputation, and all operations are not premised on damaging the customer's credit; the company cherishes its reputation, all work processes, and the design of the program is carried out within the legal framework.
        1. For the "immigration supervision" problem that permanent residents care about, there are many ways for you to legally evade the "immigration supervision". Otherwise, the customer will not only get PR card, but more importantly, if the credit goes into the blacklist, it will lead to The consequences of being difficult to enter Canada forever,
        2. The customers are in three categories: entrepreneurs, senior white-collar workers, and national public officials. For high-end customers, we make sure that your credit is an important prerequisite.
        3. For the occurrence of unexpected events, we start the emergency plan, first of all to ensure that your credit is not lost.
        4. With our reputation as the guarantee, every procedure and every small part of our operation is based on Canada's policies and laws. Reasonable, legal and reasonable is the premise of the quality of our work
III. Plan ahead in the next five years, consider PR Card + Naturalization
        Kayide Company carefully designs each solution for you, and in order to save you time, effort and focus on your own business, Kayide will consider your next plan:
        1. In order to retain PR Card, plan for the next five years of Canadian status;
        2. Keep PR Card for you and lay the foundation for your citizenship;
        3. Provide a better match between the husband and wife in Canada, and provide a better match with a family of three;
4. Focus on reputation and reputation, safe and reliable
        Kayide has a relatively large customer base in the country. Although it has a place in the preservation of PR card industry, Kayide has a more ambitious development goal. In all service industries, Baoye Yeka industry belongs to a small circle and small demand industry, but relying on its own reputation and reputation, it has gone through one difficulty after another.
        The company is facing some high-end customers, deeply understand that your reputation and credit are more important than money. The customer's reputation is the company's reputation, so we must be more professional, more refined, and make you feel that such a company is safe and reliable.
V. Master the core technology of retaining PR Card, triple insurance program to protect identity
        Whether a company has mastered the core technology of the industry during its development means how far he can go. In this competitive market, the company is ranked first, and many cottage companies have surrendered, which fully demonstrates the importance of core technology.
        1. The company has a legal system from Canada; 2. The legal meaning of PR Card; 3. The process of renewing PR Card; grasping the more essential things.
        2, the company is not successful, no charge, high rate of protection of the promise of identity, in order to achieve a high rate of cash, the company's senior consultants according to the rules of thumb, only enough to be able to sign with you. The cottage version of the company will only say "99% or even high ratio", they rely on plagiarism, plagiarism can grasp the essence of the problem?
        In order to ensure your high ratio of identity, we offer the success rate of the solution here:
        1. The first set of plans can make your Baofeng Yeka card basically successful;
        2. If the first set of plans fails, with the second set of alternative plans, most of PR Cards can be successful;
        3. If the second set of plans fails, the third set of alternative plans will not lose the permanent resident status;
Six. The price is fair, the cost performance is higher, and the packaging operation cost is lower.
        1. "Although one point is worth the price," you should not forget, "I am not afraid of not knowing the goods, I am afraid that the goods are better than the goods." In a competitive society, the company is not only defeated by the gossip of some small companies, but is more confident to the first place in the country, and gives a lower, quite reasonable price.
        2, the company promises to each customer, no success, no charge, high ratio to protect identity.
        3. In the process of application, if it fails, we will continue to serve you for free, or you will decide to give up your identity, and it is up to you.
        4. In the process of application, even if it is your mistake, we will not receive PR Card later, we will refund the full amount.
        5. When you choose PR Card + Naturalization Business Packing operation, you can prepare for the second item when you do the first item. The two businesses also entrust the same lawyer at the same time, which can save you more expenses.
        6. Kayide Company pursues the principle of always putting the interests of customers first, with strong strength support and standardized operation mode, which is actually saving customers cost and time while guaranteeing service quality. , to reduce various costs to a lower level.
        The following describes the difference between our approach and the way we hurt people in terms of price:
        Our approach: The lawyer who handles your case is a better PR card lawyer in Canada, at a reasonable price.
        Loss of people: Some companies use too low prices to attract customers, usually they choose cheaper but inexperienced lawyers, or even lawyers do not use them, just based on the piecemeal experience learned from us or from the online hearsay Do it, take your hands, just do it for you, only when the cat hits the mouse, unsuccessful is nothing more than withdrawing your money, but you can learn from your failure.
        Our approach: the overall insurance card fee is lower. Under the premise of safety, you can design a more cost-effective solution, such as a one-time card-taking plan, rather than a round-trip solution.
        Loss of people: Some companies use low prices to attract customers, but the overall cost of your insurance card is greatly increased. For example, the solution for you is to go to Hong Kong, around the United States, to go once, and have to go twice. On the surface, the agency fee is low, but the overall cost is several thousand dollars more than ours.
        Our approach: How much money is worth talking about. Regardless of the problem encountered in the application process, help you adjust the plan, or use the second set of alternatives and the third set of alternatives, the application fee is all included, no additional charges.
        Loss of people: During the application period, I will continue to ask you for money. I will say that I want you to do the work. I will ask you to make up the chapter. I will ask you to ask for the address fee. On the surface, the first contract price is cheap, in fact, the subsequent costs add up much higher than our offer.
        Our approach: PR Card Company, has core technology, has a large number of successful cases, and provides many services, such as we provide 20 services, standardization of service processes, and high quality of service, all of which require appropriate price protection.
        Loss of people: Some companies have not approved new customers because of the adjustment policy of the Immigration Bureau. Therefore, they can only use the method of bargaining to defraud customers to sign contracts, use new customers to practice their hands, accumulate their own experience, and regard their valuable identity as their own. Internship tools.
Seven. PR Card can be quickly processed. If you are fast, you can change PR Card in 30 days.
        With a wealth of practical experience, Kaide has accumulated a lot of resources through years of hard work and business development. The technical means of Tianjin Kayide Company is more and more mature, and the methods are more and more diverse. It is your interest.
        1. If your PR Card is in a dangerous state, you need to use the expedited plan. Tianjin Kayide Company has its own green channel to get your PR card approved within 30, and the answer given by other companies is 1 Month or longer
        2. In the application process of PR Card, you need to handle the matter. Tianjin Kayide Company will handle it in your own name. Our aim is to reduce more trouble and save more time for you.
        3. In the process of applying for PR Card, according to our arrangement, you do not need to stay in Canada for a long wait, just enjoy the collection.
        4. Kayide is a company that pays great attention to efficiency. As long as you have handed in all the documents and materials, we will immediately transfer it to the lawyer. It is the beginning of the early program. Because our time is more than your time.
VIII.7/24 hour real-time online Q&A, professional guidance at any time
        In addition to its excellent reputation and reputation, high-quality services are an integral part of the company, when it comes to broadening its own path and launching its own brand.
        1. Kayide Company has signed two online Q&A lines for customers and customers who have not yet signed contracts. Each special line has many professional consultants to answer questions.
        2. For contracted customers, we have a customer service specialist to track the progress of your case and inform you of the issues you should pay attention to at the current stage.
        3. Kayide provides business services and also provides procedural services, such as picking up flights from neighboring countries and sending you to Canada. If you are unable to provide a Canadian address, we will look for you and apply for it. related materials.
        4. Any problems of the customers are our more concerned issues. In order to solve your doubts at any time, Kayide Company provides 7/24 hour Q&A (24 days a week, 24 hours a day). We are always ready to serve you.
        5. Under the premise of providing 7/24 service mode, we will provide you with professional guidance in time according to the circumstances of the case.
Nine. Nanny-style one-stop service, peace of mind, effort, save time
        Now some small companies engaged in PR card industry will accept a lot of business. It seems that the scale is very large, and the technology can achieve what the business can do. For those who are separated by mountains, you can know that the Baofeng Yeka industry is a Professionals with very strong professionalism, requirements for consultants, lawyers, and requirements for case tracking personnel are very high. It is a company engaged in PR card industry earlier in the country. For many years, it only used Baoye Yeka and naturalization two businesses. The reason why they have today's results is because they are professional. Because the profession brings you more benefits.
        1. Kayide Company only used Baoye Leaf Card and naturalization services for many years. Although there are only two businesses, it is necessary to make every job perfect and every link can be logical. It is really three feet a day. cold. Kayde has established itself on the market with amazing results, which proves that he has done this.
        2, each business has several links, each link must be interlocked, any one-step mistakes will cause unimaginable consequences. Therefore, in the process of application, from the assessment, the immigration bureau transfer query, application form, design feasible program, document preparation training, entry training, card training, start and implementation of various emergency plans, provide backup insurance plans, etc. Each process has been implemented and strictly controlled by the professional staff of Tianjin Kayide Company.
        3. When you entrust the application to us, we will receive PR Card from the time of signing the contract, and unless we have to sign and implement it, we provide a one-stop service.
        4. During the training phase, we will inform you of the method used when designing the plan according to the local conditions in Canada. If you take the route method, our professionals will take a look at this route before training, and then tell you the more real situation, so that you are not less worried?
        5, Kayide company, after years of experience accumulation, summed up a number of programs at the same time, created more methods, tailor-made for you, is to save you time, worry, and effort. Some companies that rely on copying and copying can't grasp the essence of this industry, and only use the outdated methods of other companies.
X. Keep an eye on the policy of the Canadian Immigration Department and adjust the plan for customers in real time.
For a company of this size, in addition to relying on their experience and strength, the grasp of policy dynamics and timely adjustment of the program is also one of the elements of their success.
1. Kayide Company is an early company engaged in the preservation of PR Card industry. In 2008, when PR card problem appeared, our company could understand the dynamics of the Canadian policy and grasp the development trend of PR card industry. With deep and broad qualifications and international perspective, other companies cannot imitate.
2, the company has dedicated staff staying in the Canadian Immigration Bureau, they always pay attention to the change policy of PR card, and every day there are cards, all customers will feedback the new progress, and timely feedback to the company newer policies, according to These, the company's team of lawyers will make timely adjustments to the program. After a full set of process training, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the strategies and key information for retaining PR Card.
3. In the process of retaining PR Card, the methods and solutions adopted are all carried out within the legal framework. A large number of successful cases can provide evidence for our business processes, and these cases can be found on the website of the Canadian Immigration Department. We employ a top-notch Canadian lawyer to provide you with high quality and efficient legal protection.
4. The lawyers of Kayide Company made a lot of sufficient, meticulous and comprehensive preparations for the case, and carefully studied the relevant policies of the Canadian Immigration Department on renewing PR Card, fully renewing PR Card policy and the favorable case of the case. The evidence is organically combined.
5. While we fully grasp Canada's immigration policy, Canadian lawyers will consider these factors of policy adjustment into the program, and while playing their talents, they will increase the safety factor of your Canadian status.
The company's focus on PR Card service makes your PR card more accessible. Although there are other companies that follow our pace, in an industry that needs to keep up with the times, there is no way to step on the footprints of others.

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