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PR Card is difficult

2019-03-28 14:33

Difficulties in retaining PR card
1. I have not lived for two years in five years.
According to the Canadian Immigration Law, a new PR Card can only be obtained if you live in Canada for 730 days, or 2 years, within five years.
2, only one or two short, and the residence time is too short (accumulated time within 2 months)
That is, only one or two visits to Canada are the subject of strict investigation by the Immigration Bureau.
3. There is no place in Canada:
This is because the application for PR Card must have a Canadian address, it is better to buy a house by yourself, and a friend's address is worse. in Canada
Not having a foothold is more difficult to retain PR card.
4. No more routine Canadian documents:
1) No Maple Card: Whether it has never received a PR Card or a PR Card has been lost, etc., it will be very troublesome.
2) No landing paper: The landing paper is quite equivalent to our account book, and PR card is equivalent to an ID card. Don't lose the landing paper.
3) No driver's license: These two documents are one of the more important ID documents in Canada.
4) No medical card: This document is one of the more important identification documents in Canada.
These documents are required for card retrieval in the future.
5, single card replacement
Single card exchange risk is high, couples have a small risk at the same time
1) If a spouse is a security card at the same time, or if the spouse is a Canadian citizen, the spouse will increase the insurance.
2) There are four situations in the couple's insurance card ending:
A. The husband approved it and the wife approved it;
B. The husband approved, and the wife was not approved;
C. The husband was not approved and the wife was approved;
D. The husband was not approved and the wife was not approved.
If both husband and wife apply at the same time, there are three possibilities to increase the probability of approval.
3) In case PR Card is gone, as long as the couple has an approval, you can restore PR Card by:
A. The card of the spouse can be restored by agglomeration;
B. You can come back to accompany another person through naturalization of one person to protect PR card.
6. Proof of residence in Canada
Traces of work (more important evidence), traces of residence, bank traces, tax records, medical records
Once the Immigration Bureau suspects the time of residence, you will be asked to provide these traces of residence.
7, PR card file has a dissatisfied living record
1) Inquired by the Immigration Department when entering;
2) Query the records of dissatisfaction from the immigration file
8. Lost important documents:
1) Lost landing paper: The landing paper is equivalent to the household registration book. PR Card is equivalent to an ID card. If the ID card is lost, you can take the account to make up the account. If you lose your ID card, you cannot make up the ID card.
2) Lost PR Card: If you don't have enough to lose PR Card, it will be very troublesome.
3) Losing a certain passport: Loss of passport is easier for the Immigration Department to consider as an intention to evade surveillance of entry and exit, so it is easy to be strictly investigated by the Immigration Bureau.
9. Difficulties in English communication: English proficiency indirectly proves your residence time in Canada.
10. There are a large number of overseas records on the passport.
11. There is almost no record of going abroad on the passport.
12, there is a problem with the passport
1) Passport replacement time is unreasonable: judge your time in China
2) The passport is broken, and the days during the break are considered to be living in China.
13. No one in the family is in Canada
1) Spouse is not in Canada
2) The child is not in Canada
14, PR Card expired

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