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War card instructions - three worried

2019-03-28 18:09

Keep the three worry in PR card
        PR Card is a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa (also known as an Immigrant Visa). A document that you must apply immediately after you land in Canada. Commonly known as the "Canada Green Card", PR Card is a passport for permanent residents or permanent residents who are about to travel to Canada to leave the country and prepare to return to Canada. This document is a proof of identity of a permanent resident of Canada.
        According to the Canadian New Immigration Law, immigrants are allowed to live in Canada for five years or they will be dismissed for immigration status. Since 2002, Canada has issued PR cards to immigrants who are allowed to come to Canada to replace the previous “back to paper” and must be updated every five years. While enjoying a sound medical policy, low tuition fees, and fulfilling the obligations of permanent residents, it is understandable that the Canadian government requires permanent residents to live for two years in five years. Therefore, the long-lost topic of “immigration supervision” has become the focus of attention.
        For the elites living in the upper class, if they live in Canada for a long time and focus on Canada, what about domestic work and business?
        If you go back to China and post a special career in domestic development, you can't guarantee the residence obligation of two years in five years, which will result in the loss of immigration status in Canada, but how will it be willing?
        In the face of the problem of retaining PR card, as a permanent resident of Canada, you must think about it. When you are entangled, you are overwhelmed, and you usually have the following worries and worries:
        First: Will there be legal risks? Will there be credit risk?
        Canada is a society ruled by law, and its legal system is perfect. Whether it can protect domestic businesses from being affected and maintain Canadian identity is a concern of every permanent resident within the framework of the law.
        Second: What is the probability of success? Can it be foolproof?
        The probability of success depends entirely on the lawyer's experience and professional ability. The cases handled by different lawyers vary greatly, and the level of experience varies greatly. Of course, the more lawyers do the more experience, the more cases have been done. Lawyers and lawyers who have never taken over the case or have only done a few dozen cases, the level is not the same. The price of the lawyer is of course completely different. For an intermediary, a bad case is only one percent, but for the customer, the probability of failure is a high ratio. Therefore, it is better to find an intermediary that can achieve high ratios of success. To prevent their identity from being bad by bad intermediaries. Don't be tempted to lose your identity, after all, success rate is more important than price.
        Third: If you fail, how can you get better?
        Generally speaking, as long as you fully understand the immigration law and have done a lot of cases, it is not easy to fail. However, if you are not familiar with the application process and are not proficient in immigration law, failure is definitely a common occurrence. Success is just an accident.
But what if you fail? In case the application fails, it is necessary to start the backup insurance plan and decide to adopt different backup plans according to the failure situation until PR card is applied.
        Tianjin Kayide Company and Company is a large-scale professional company engaged in Baofeng Yeka. The accumulation of successful experience over the years and the understanding of customer needs and concerns allow us to be sure that it can be within the framework of the law. PR Card is retained subject to the provisions of the Canadian Immigration Act. Our affirmative answer is: retain PR Card, there is no legal risk and there will be no credit risk.
        Why is there such a positive answer? That is based on the following three aspects:
        1. The Canadian legal system;
         The separation of powers in Canada. The government, the parliament, and the judiciary are independent of each other. The Canadian Immigration Service is responsible for immigration affairs as a government department. It has the right to approve immigration applications and renew PR Card. However, once it is involved in fulfilling the residency obligation, it is decided whether to retain or cancel a person’s permanent resident status. The decision of the Immigration Bureau must be judged by the judge of the Immigration Appeals Tribunal. Retreat 10,000 steps and say that the Immigration Bureau will cancel the permanent resident status of a person and give the client an opportunity to appeal to the court.
        2. The legal meaning of PR Card;
        The legal meaning of PR Card is often misunderstood. In fact, when a person visits Canada to become a permanent resident of Canada, the more important document that can represent his permanent resident status is not PR Card, but the landing paper. Moreover, this landing paper has no time limit, which means that the landing paper does not exist or not. PR Card is a visa with a time limit. When a permanent resident travels abroad to visit relatives in Canada, he or she will return to Canada to present the documents. Therefore, whether PR Card expires is not exactly equivalent to whether the permanent resident status is lost. In other words, even if PR card expires, it does not mean that your permanent resident status is lost. There are also many ways to use your permanent resident status to bring the expired PR card back to life.
        3. The process of renewing PR card;
        According to the application regulations of the Canadian Immigration Department regarding the change of PR Card, as long as the applicant pushes back for 5 years from the date of application, the 730 days of residence will be eligible for the application. As for the sixth year and the seventh year of the pushback Whether the eighth year, etc. is enough to live is not required. Therefore, as long as the permanent residents can live for two years before the application, they will meet the requirements and conditions for the replacement of PR Card. The Canadian Immigration Department’s regulations on PR Card are summarized as follows:
        First: each PR card is valid for 5 years, and a new PR card must be reissued after five years;
        Second: The condition for renewing PR Card is that “they must live for two years in five years (accumulated up to 730 days)”;
        Third: If you live less than two years in five years, you will not be eligible for the change of PR Card (unless you have the exceptions stipulated by the immigration law, you will not be able to change PR Card);
        Fourth: Once you can't get a valid PR card, it means you won't be able to enter Canada normally.
        And even if you have not lived for two years in the next five years, one of the following three items can still be considered eligible:
        1) Family members living with Canadian citizenship reside outside Canada;
        2) Full-time employees stationed overseas by Canadian companies, or official full-time Canadian officials stationed overseas;
        3) Family members with permanent residency are stationed overseas by Canadian companies as full-time employees, or are stationed overseas as official Canadian public officials, in which case they stay with the family members;
        According to the above three aspects, it can be known that retaining PR card can be carried out within the framework of the law, and will not bring any legal risks and credit risks to the permanent residents.
        Usually, if you are not full, check to see if the applicant meets one of the above exceptions and keep your PR card and immigration status within the framework of the Canadian Immigration Act.
        Whether it is a business assignment or a companion spouse, each exception clause has its own background and additional conditions. It cannot be used without the guidance of a professional lawyer, otherwise it will bring you unimaginable consequences. . Some inexperienced small companies often fail to use the law, and eventually become counterproductive and cannot successfully redeem the new PR card. Our industry experts have repeatedly reminded that it is not advisable to evade the “immigration supervision” because customers will not get PR card, and more importantly, if the credit goes into the blacklist, it will lead to the consequences of being difficult to join the country forever. Never use it. Improper methods lead to too much risk. You should use reasonable and legal methods within the framework of the Canadian Immigration Law to preserve PR Card and Canadian immigration status of permanent residents.
        Our success rate is a high ratio. The company is a large-scale professional company engaged in PR Card. The company's leaders have observed that the elites have the dual choice of Canadian immigration status + successful domestic career in China. A veteran senior consultant is leading PR Card team with high requirements and high standards to serve the majority of PR Kakamin. Hundreds of successful cases are being generated from "".
        In addition to the team of consultants who can be at the forefront of the industry, Kayide employs a team of top lawyers in the Canadian PR project to provide permanent residents with high quality, high efficiency and high success rate legal guarantees to ensure your permanent resident status. Nothing is lost, this profound industry and strong strength can not be imitated by any peer company.
         Although the company has sufficient confidence and strength to ensure that the “PR Card” of the permanent residents is safe, even if there is any mistake in the insurance policy, we will provide the corresponding backup plan to continue the application. When the original first plan encounters setbacks, the lawyer team will immediately adjust the plan to generate a second backup plan. If the second backup plan encounters obstacles, it will start the third alternate plan until the application is successful. As long as you don't give up the identity of a permanent resident who wants to have Canada, you are always at your side to ensure that your "PR Card" is safe."
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