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War card instructions - five sets of methods

2019-03-28 21:09

Keep PR Card Commonly Used

Method 1: Exceptional Law Insurance Card (accompanied by a Canadian spouse, accompanied by a full-time assignment, my business assignment)
Method 2: Legal Case Law Insurance Card
Method 3: Packaging and integration of all evidence law insurance cards
Method 4: Take the route law insurance card
Method 5: Supplement the proof of residence (work, tax, finance, residence, life, etc.) legal insurance card

        Every Canadian permanent resident, after getting PR Card, is not able to give up his own hometown while he is looking forward to a beautiful habitat, or because of family and friends, or because of the domestic prosperity, this is inevitable A difficult question: how to strike a balance between the two?
        In order to "have both fish and bear's paws at the same time", how to preserve the difficulty of PR card, as a permanent resident of Canada, must have the following concerns when retaining PR card:
        1. Will there be legal risks? Will there be credit risk?
        2. What is the probability of success? Can it be foolproof?
        If you can guarantee that there is no legal risk in retaining PR Card, there will be no credit risk, and you will be 100% successful. If you are foolproof, then what is the impossible task to achieve?
        Tianjin Kayide Company and Company are currently a large-scale domestic company with a large number of customers and engaged in the Baoye Yeka industry earlier. In order to help permanent residents to successfully renew the new PR Card, they have made many efforts in the following aspects:
        1. Employing the top Baofeng Yeka lawyer team in Canada, paying attention to Canada's immigration policy and retaining the relevant regulations of PR Card, and timely using the newer information to retain PR card business;
        2. Get feedback on first-hand application status through a large number of customers, so that we may continuously adjust, modify and correct the method of applying for new PR Card;
        3. The development team of Tianjin Kayide Company and the company continuously researches, tests and develops new insurance card methods, and through a large number of experiments, the new method is foolproof.
        4. The applicant's insurance policy will be adjusted according to the special circumstances of each applicant.
        Thus, the following five mature methods of retaining PR cards with practical value are obtained:
Method 1 - Exceptional Law Insurance Card (accompanied by a Canadian spouse, accompanied by a full-time assignment, my business assignment)
        Canada's current immigration policy sets out detailed rules for PR Cards, one of which is the requirement for residence time. The requirements for the residence time are mainly reflected in several aspects:
        First: each PR card is valid for 5 years, and a new PR card must be reissued after five years;
        Second: The condition for renewing PR Card is that “they must live for two years in five years (accumulated up to 730 days)”;
        Third: If you live less than two years in five years, you will not be eligible for the change of PR Card (unless you have the exceptions stipulated by the immigration law, you will not be able to change PR Card);
        If you fail to live for two years in five years, the immigration law also provides three exceptions:
        Method One Exception Method: Accompanied by a Canadian Spouse
        1) A spouse, a common-law partner or a parent (a child must be under the age of 22) who resides outside Canada may be considered to reside in Canada;
        Method One of Two Exceptions: Accompanying a full-time assignment
        2) Accompanied by a spouse, cohabitation partner or parent who has permanent residency (the child must be under the age of 22), the spouse is stationed overseas by a Canadian company as a full-time employee, or a public official who is officially stationed overseas in Canada. The following spouse stays outside Canada and can be considered to reside in Canada;
        Method One of the Exceptions: My Business Assignment
        3) Full-time employees stationed overseas by Canadian companies, or official full-time Canadian officials stationed overseas;
        Therefore, these "exemption" regulations in law have become an effective way for Canadian permanent residents to legally "evade" immigration. Our professional lawyers will make full use of one of these “exemption” regulations to legally retain PR cards for permanent residents.
        Numerous permanent residents who have not been able to live in Canada for five years in five years have placed their hopes on Baofeng Yeka on these “exemption” regulations, but the first two “exemption” regulations must require a Canadian spouse and cohabitation. A partner or parent (the child must be under the age of 22) is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of a full-time assignment. This leads to a large number of permanent residents who are able to choose the only non-binding for PR Card. Three (ie corporate assignments) to maintain immigration status.
        Since a large number of people use this exemption exception to evade immigration supervision, the Canadian Immigration Service has tightened the supervision of this article, and there are strict requirements and definitions for expatriate enterprises:
        1. An expatriate company is a company established in accordance with Canadian federal or provincial government regulations.
        2. Enterprises that are expatriate companies that are legally operating in Canada
        3. The expatriate company has a normal turnover
        4. Expatriate enterprises must continue to make profits during the assignment of expatriates;
        5. Most of the shareholders of the expatriate enterprise should be Canadian citizens, Canadian immigrants, and Canadian corporate shareholders.
               Expatriates must also provide a large amount of evidence related to the assignment in order to be recognized.
        Although some people are “expatriates” of real Canadian companies, they are still unable to meet the requirements of the Department of Immigration’s corporate assignments and the requirements for expatriate personnel’s wages and taxes, thus losing their immigration status. .
        According to the experience of Cardy PR Company for many years, many people are even true expatriates, but they are losing their identity because they are not aware of the internal standards of the Ministry of Immigration. Retaining PR Card in a corporate assignment is a technically difficult way to preserve PR card, which is not something that non-professionals can know.
        The team of Kayide and the company's lawyers suggested that the use of the exception law, if you do not understand the Canadian immigration law and take the initiative, is likely to bring "serious" consequences of losing immigration status.
Method 2 - Legal Case Law Insurance Card
        The Anglo-American law system uses case law as the main source of law, with the principle of “following precedents” as the main judicial principle. Canada, which belongs to the Commonwealth system, pays great attention to individual rights. What we usually call "case law" is the legal norm expressed in the form of precedents. As a precedent for jurisprudence, the subsequent cases are legally binding and can be the basic criteria for future trials of similar cases by judges.
        Tianjin Kayide and the company's team of lawyers have mastered a number of past Canadian CEs' jurisprudence as an important method to help permanent residents apply for PR Card success.
        The lawyer will carefully analyze, contrast, and classify each applicant's case and the previously approved case to determine whether the applicant's case complies with the Canadian Immigration's approved jurisprudence. If a case is met, our lawyer will Permanent residents are advised to submit applications in accordance with these precedents.
        Of course, how to analyze, compare, and categorize whether a case belongs to a certain type of case requires years of practical experience and a large number of case accumulations to ensure that the classification is correct, appropriate, and reasonable, and can be recognized by the Canadian Immigration Service. The application for renewal of the new PR Card was approved.
        If the classification is not accurate, the facts are unclear, and the evidence is incomplete, it may be counterproductive, so that the case that could have applied for success becomes a failure. In this regard, we recommend that applicants need more advice from experienced lawyers to make PR card The application is foolproof.
Method 3 - Packaging Integrates All Evidence Law Insurance Cards
        The so-called "packaging method" here means: according to the materials that the applicant can provide and the power granted to the permanent residents according to the immigration law, the applicant is provided with a proposal that is more in line with the application conditions. These materials include:
        1. All historical records in the past five years;
        2. The time period, whereabouts, and reasons for leaving during the past five years of leaving Canada;
        3. The address of residence in Canada in the past five years;
        4. A five-year working and learning record in Canada;
        5. All documents currently in Canada;
        6. Ability to prove all documents and materials inhabited in Canada;
        7. Companionship in the past five years is the time when a spouse, a common-law partner or a parent (the child must be under 22 years of age) living abroad for a Canadian citizen or a full-time resident permanent resident;
        Based on the above information, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis, research and judgment on the applicant's application materials, carefully analyze the reasons for the applicant's departure from Canada in the past five years, time and other factors, and empower the permanent residents according to the immigration law. The resources that prove the applicant's performance of the residency obligations are “packaged” and tailored.
        After the packaging combination, the applicant will be given a perfect solution. This program will ensure that you do not damage any of your credit history, as everything is done within the framework of the law.
        The amount of material provided by the applicant is important, but it is not a decisive factor. More importantly, whether it can be confirmed from the materials provided by the applicant that the applicant has not spent more than 1095 days outside of Canada within five years prior to the date of application (in other words, staying in Canada for 730 days) ).
        The lawyer’s job is not to change the reality, but to find all the evidence that is beneficial to the applicant based on reality, and to use the immigration law, especially the immigration law, to renew the application of the new PR card, and submit it to the applicant. Application. In case the applicant is misunderstood by the law, the application fails. For example, some applicants have misjudged the immigration law, thinking that as long as they live for two years, they can fulfill the residence obligation to apply for the renewal of the new PR card. This is a typical example of misinterpretation of immigration law. .
        The difference between a good lawyer and a bad lawyer can lead to completely different conclusions based on the same facts. For example, for a murder case, A killed B and B died. This is an objective fact that cannot be changed, but based on the facts, there are many different conclusions that can be made: one is deliberate murder and the death penalty; the other is manslaughter, sentenced to several years in accordance with the circumstances; the third is legitimate defense, maybe Will be acquitted. But is A guilty of intentional homicide or is it a legitimate defense? Although both the prosecution and the defense are based on the same law, the later judgments may be quite different.
        In the past few years, the famous Simpsons wife in the United States can explain this. All the evidence points to Simpson. Everyone knows that he killed his wife. Later, the court made a sinless judgment against Simpson. Is this not? Let the ordinary people be "disappointed"? Is it the blank of the law or the eccentricity of the judge? This has not been verified, but at least we all know that if Simpson asked a better criminal lawyer in the United States to defend him, his case would not be so difficult, and he would never have such a judgment that was extremely favorable to him.
        After hundreds of years of continuous improvement in the legal system in Europe and the United States, it has been difficult to have obvious loopholes. However, lawyers in Europe and the United States can still use the law to protect the rights of their clients. This can explain that strict laws and comprehensive regulations, as long as they are sufficiently proficient in the law and have a deep understanding of the legal provisions, lawyers can still In the case of unfavorable to the client, the defense of his client has a better result.
        What lawyers can do is to reorganize all resources, give new meaning to objective facts from a new perspective, correctly explain the reasons for each departure of the applicant, and correctly calculate the time of each applicant in Canada. The use of the relationship between the applicant and the family member is extremely time-consuming, thus highlighting the application that is more beneficial to the applicant.
        Whether the operation of these programs is proficient and smooth, whether the design of the program fits the customer and is flawless, depends entirely on the comprehensive strength of a company.
Method 4 - Take the route method
        If you have legally accumulated two years in the past five years (you must be able to stand up to the investigation!), then you may have a high rate of success in securing your PR card or naturalization for a long time. All solutions are carried out in a reasonable and legal manner.
        The so-called full time means that the legal time is full, and the more direct performance of the time is that the historical record displayed on the passport seems to be full, and it can stand the investigation, not any The person (you, or him (immigration officer)) said that when he was full, he would live full. If he said that he was not full, he would not be full, but based on facts and the law as the criterion. In plain language, you are a reasonable "tax avoidance", not "tax evasion, tax evasion, tax evasion." In Deng Xiaoping’s words: “Whether it’s a black cat or a white cat, it’s a good cat to catch a mouse.”
        After rigorous and careful scientific arrangement, in fact, physically, you are free, independent of time, place, and space. At the same time, it will not bring you life and work. Inconvenience and trouble, it will not bring you economically increased expenses. Just try to make preparations and arrangements in advance according to the immigration requirements of the Immigration Bureau. After a few years, apply for a new PR card or swear, sing, or naturalize. After all, in the Canadian state of the rule of law, prior arrangements, ahead of time, and in front of time, everything will be “waterful”, spending less and doing more, even without spending money. This is the essence of the route method.

Method 5 - Supplementary Evidence Method
The so-called "supplementary evidence law" here is not because of the evidence or lack of evidence you provide, and Canada is a federal state. It implements a political system of separation of powers between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The Immigration Bureau belongs to the administrative department and has no judicial function. Therefore, if you meet the immigration law of Canada and fulfill the residence obligation, the immigration officer has no right to make a judgment. You can only raise doubts. You need to add evidence. After PR card is confiscated, PR Card is sent to the Immigration Appeals Chamber, and the cardholder has the opportunity to appeal after entering.
If you travel frequently to and from Canada and there are many historical records in many countries (such as Hong Kong and Macao), the chances of being asked to check the supplementary information are higher. Then you have to arrange the collection of residence records in advance. The situation varies from person to person, Canadian immigration. The bureau does not specify which residences must be prepared, but we offer the following suggestions for your reference:
1. A valid Canadian address----activate your address in Canada in advance. If you are in China, you can open a bank account in Canada. The bank's bill is sent to that address. For you, it is a valid Canadian address. With a bill with your name and address, you can handle all kinds of residence records.
2. Always operate your bank account in Canada to keep your bank account active, so banks often have bills sent to your Canadian address (also printed online), which is an important part of the life record. .
3, the monthly consumption record after applying for a credit card, the credit card company is concerned about someone paying! For example, paying for water and electricity on the Internet, telephone charges for landline mobile phones, Internet charges, TV fees, gas bills, etc., you may not know, if your relatives and friends change you as the head of the household, his TV can be watched for free for half a year, he still has to thank you. Many credit cards now have a computer chip that requires only a password and does not require a signature.
4. Hand in the work card (also called SIN card). It is not allowed to borrow people.
The role of the work card is to use the work card for all work related matters. Many permanent residents who are not in Canada for a long time never know the role of the work card because he is not in Canada, does not work in Canada, does not pay taxes in Canada, so he does not know what the work card can do. If you open a company, you need a work card. If you are hired, you need a work card. You need a work card to pay taxes.
5. Handling documents with photos: for example, you can get or update your driver's license at the driver's license research center (lost can be reissued), or you can take care of your photo ID (ie, photo ID) or apply for a medical card without proof. (The medical card in Ontario is photo-based, the medical card in BC does not include photos), or a student ID card.
6. Apply for a book card and keep the receipt when you return the book.
7. Apply for free membership cards, such as Best Buy, Save on Food, Save Way, and each petrol station card. Pay these cards when you purchase and keep your points. Includes a free flyer with your name.
8, through the purchase of computer tax filing software to file tax returns, and keep tax records. You can also ask a Canadian accounting firm to help you file your tax return.
9, other such as life insurance policy (always effective, there are also investment guarantees, a good choice!), auto insurance policy, housing insurance policy, etc. are also relatively good proof of residence.
10. Description of the medical card. This is a useful document to prove a person's life center of gravity. However, it is important to note that not all people holding a medical card are legally entitled to the card. For example, in BC, if a person goes abroad for more than half a year (regardless of his reasons for going out), his medical card should be invalid. As a result, the medical card in his hand did not prove that his life has shifted to Canada. Therefore, it is not necessary to have a medical card. The key is to pay monthly!
11, proof of residence. If you have a property, go to your name and have a home in Canada. This is an important piece of evidence that his life has shifted to Canada. If there is no proof of property, it is better to have a rental agreement. Living is an important evidence of life in Canada
12. If there are spouses and children: proof that the spouse's children live in Canada, proof that the children are studying in Canada. If spouses and children live in Canada, they will always be the focus of your life. Thus, the place of residence of spouses and children is generally the location of your life.
13. Landing paper (also known as immigration paper). Landing paper is your more important proof of immigration status, and in theory it is always effective. In any case, it is a proof that your immigration status is good. Please keep it safe.
In case the landing paper is lost or cannot be found, it is necessary to use a special method to get the landing paper lost. In order to prevent the loss of landing paper, please make an English notarization and photocopy of the "immigration paper" for future land use in and out of the country.
14. Appropriate time to prepare the application form, signature, photo (digital / email / local phase hall, etc. valid for one year)
Therefore, it is emphasized here that under the legal framework of Canada, seeking legal, reasonable and compliant operation, on the premise of not damaging the customer's credit record, Kayide's strong advisory team is at the top of the list. Lawyer Mapleka handled the case and used it in a variety of ways to try to provide “entry and exit evidence” and “residence evidence” at critical moments as the basis for the applicant to meet the residency obligations.
In addition, there are some unusable, partial door, but under certain conditions, it is also effective to retain PR card, such as the Year of the Year and the waiver of the law card, also introduced to everyone.
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