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Paul's Notice - Seven Stages

2019-03-28 22:03

Keep the seven stages of PR card
Phase 1: Lawyers review and evaluate application conditions
        First, let the applicant fill out PR Card Status Assessment Form and scan the relevant documents, and then review it by Canadian PR Lawyer to determine whether the application complies with the immigration laws. Attorney Mapleka has submitted a targeted application plan through review and evaluation.
        1. PR Card Status Assessment: In order to allow Canadian PR Card lawyers to help you better apply for the new PR Card, PR Card assessment is like going to the hospital to see a doctor. You need to look, smell, ask, cut, need Do blood tests, urine test, liver function tests, X-rays, CT, etc., are also symptoms of headaches, may be caused by a fever, may be caused by neurasthenia, maybe it is encephalitis, maybe a brain tumor, If you want to be diagnosed, you must do a detailed medical examination. Fill in the "PR Card Status Evaluation Form" is a comprehensive and detailed check on the status of your PR Card. The more comprehensive and careful you are, the more favorable it is for PR Card to make a more accurate diagnosis of PR Card status and to develop a detailed solution for your PR Card application. Please fill in carefully, the more detailed the better. There are a few people in the family who need to fill out a few copies.
        2. The assessment needs to provide the following documents:
              1) Copy of all pages of all Chinese passports in the past five years
              2) Copy of the front and back of PR Card
              3) Copy the front and back of the landing paper
        3, PR card lawyers suggest
              1) The Immigration Department of Canada will review PR renew will become more and more strict. Therefore, under the guidance of PR card lawyer, the sooner PR renew is prepared, the better for you.
              2) Any neglect of any details in the application process will lead to irreparable serious consequences. It is not something that ordinary people can handle. Careful and thorough preparation is absolutely necessary.
              3) Persons who have not lived for two years in five years cannot make reasonable explanations to Customs officers and officials of the Immigration Bureau when entering. In case of difficulties, they cannot enter Canada. Or, even if you can enter, it will definitely bring great difficulties to the future Maple card renew, so don't rush to book your ticket and fly to Canada before you get expert advice.
              4) If the permanent resident status is lost due to failure to perform the residency obligation for two years in five years, there will be a bad record in the immigration department. Even if the spouse is a Canadian or permanent resident, there is no guarantee that it will be possible to apply for a reunion of relatives again or to apply for a skilled immigrant again.
              5) In this field of “details determine success or failure” and “experience-led results”, every detail needs to be perfect, and every application details should be thoroughly reviewed and considered, with professional legal knowledge and many times. Successful experience, providing better service and escort for replacing PR Card.
The second stage: preparation of PR card application materials
        1. Fill in the SUPPLEMENTARY IDENTIFICATION FORM IMM5455 and sign it in the white box. The signature must be neat and consistent with the signature on PR card.
        2. Fill in the IMM 5444E and sign it by the applicant in the white box. The signature must be neat and consistent with the signature on PR card.
        3. Shoot and rinse PR photo.
        Follow the instructions of the Immigration Bureau regarding PR photo to the photo studio and ask the photographer to take photos of you according to this rule. After taking the photo, rinse the photo and stamp the photo gallery stamp and photo date. The photo date must be within six months.
        4. Prepare a copy of all documents:
              1) PR Card Payment Receipt (CNY 50)
              2) PR Card Original (PR Card Expired) or Copy (PR Card has not expired)
              3) Canadian spouse citizenship certificate (spouse is a Canadian spouse)
              4) Canadian spouse Canadian passport (spouse is a Canadian spouse)
              5) Chinese and English version of the marriage certificate (spouse is a Canadian spouse)
              6) Chinese and English birth certificate (the children are underage children)
              7) Legal documents for child guardian sponsorship (the children are underage children)
              8) All pages of all Chinese passports in the past five years
              9) Landing paper (if any) front and back
              10) SIN card (if any) front and back
              11) Canadian driver's license (if any) front and back
The third stage: lawyers review PR card application materials
        The Canadian PR lawyer assisted in reviewing PR application materials and checking whether they have fulfilled their residency obligations for two years in the past five years; or complied with three exceptions under the Canadian Immigration Act, and based on the actual circumstances of the application, and the application The original information, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Canadian Immigration Department, for PR card replacement professional advice, so that PR card application in line with Canadian immigration law.
Stage 4: Submit your application and wait for approval by the Department of Immigration
        1. Mail all the prepared materials to PR Card Review Center of the Canadian Immigration Department.
        2. After applying for PR Card to PR Card Review Center of the Canadian Immigration Service, the application materials will be queued. According to the progress of PR Card Review Center, the applicant needs to wait for 3-6 months under normal circumstances. The following can be expedited, and the applicant's waiting time is 3-5 weeks in case of expedited processing. For details, please refer to the website of the Immigration Department of Canada on PR Card Processing Time:
        During the queue, it is not possible to check the queue location and status of PR card application.
        3. When the application is queued for processing, the applicant can be on the relevant page of the Canadian Immigration website:
        Enter your own PR card number, last name, and your own date of birth, and check your PR card processing.
        4, query PR card audit results: the processing process is divided into two steps:
              1) The first step is in process :
        The application for the guest has been reviewed by the immigration officer of PR Card Review Center. The review is as follows:
                    A. If the situation is relatively smooth, it will go directly to the next step:
                        Decision Made; review has results;
                    B. If the immigration officer believes that there is a problem with the applicant's information, the applicant needs to cooperate with the supplementary information.
               2) The second step is Decision Made:
                     Indicates that the review has resulted in the results of the review as follows:
                    A. Pass the review: The Immigration Department will issue a PR Card to receive the notice within four weeks, and the original letter of the notice and related identity documents will be used to obtain the new PR Card from the designated immigration office in Canada;
                    B. Failure to pass the review: Canadian PR lawyer will appeal on behalf of the applicant. After the appeal, there are two results:
                        a. The appeal is successful: the immigration department approves the applicant's application for PR card renewal, and the Immigration Department will issue a PR card to receive the notice, and use the notice and the original documents of the relevant identity documents to obtain PR Card from the designated office of the USCIS;
                        b. Complaint failed: The Immigration Department rejected the applicant's application for PR Card renewal.
          5. Applicants who are in normal processing need to wait for 4-6 weeks (special circumstances can be expedited, and the applicant waits for 1 week in case of expedited processing), waiting for the Canadian Immigration Department to mail PR card receiving notice to the application. people.
The fifth stage: domestic document preparation and card training
        1. Domestic document preparation:
              1) Prepare China ID 1 (PR Card has a longer validity period)
              2) Preparing China's ID 2
              3) Prepare for entry visa (Maple card expired)
              4) Purchase tickets, arrange trips, etc.
        2. Entry training
              1) What can be carried, what can't be carried, which needs to be declared, and which do not need to be, so as not to enter the problem.
              2) Entering the customs frequently asked questions extremely answered
        3, card training
        Applicants can go to Canada to receive a new PR Card with the relevant documents and the New PR Card issued by the Canadian Immigration Department within 180 days after the Immigration Department of Canada has applied for PR Card renewal application. grasp. There are two possibilities:
              1) If the applicant collects within 180 days, he will be able to receive the new PR Card. The new PR Card is valid for 5 years.
              2) If the applicant does not receive it within 180 days, the new PR Card will be destroyed by the Immigration Department.
Stage 6: Entry into Canada and Canada for document preparation
        Bring all the original documents (PR Card, landing paper, all passports for the past five years) of all PR Cards into Canada.
        After arriving in Canada, you need to prepare your ID card for PR Card:
        1, test driver's license (take one of the required documents for PR card) or
        2, apply for a medical card (take one of the required documents for PR Card)
Stage 7: Pick up or mail a new PR Card
        Receive a new PR card
        1. The applicant will land in Canada during the validity period of his PR Card and go to the designated immigration office in Canada to collect his new PR Card.
        2. Applicants who have been trained by us can successfully and safely land in Canada and receive their new PR Card.
        3. If the applicant feels that the collection is unsure, then we can ask someone to accompany the applicant to receive the new PR Card.
        4. On the date specified on the notice of receipt, the applicant can take all the documents and receive the notice and go to the office designated by the Immigration Department to collect PR Card.
        5. After the applicant has received the new PR Card, the status of the new landing in Canada is completely similar, and the applicant can get a new permanent resident qualification for free entry and exit in Canada within 5 years. In the new five-year period, applicants can successfully obtain the new five-year-old PR Card for a total of 730 days.
        If you have a problem with PR card, or if you have a problem with PR Card, you can contact the current more experienced PR Card Consultant and the top PR Project Attorney at the following contact points. They will provide you with more details. Solution.
        Mail the new PR card
        After 2015, PR Card Review Center, located in Sydney by the Department of Immigration Canada, will conduct a trust assessment based on the materials provided by the applicant, the information provided by the applicant and the information held by the review center, as well as relevant government agencies in Canada ( The verification information provided by the Canadian Border Services Agency, the Canada Revenue Agency, the Canadian Health Department, the Canadian Department of Transportation, etc. is highly consistent and is guaranteed by a person with a high social reputation. The applicant’s new PR Card will By mail, mail directly to the address provided by the applicant on the IMM5444 form (Canadian Immigration does not provide services for mailing new PR cards to any address outside Canada).
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