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Notice to the insurance card - nine services

2019-03-28 23:01

Nine services provided by the company
        Applicants who need to apply for a new PR Card, renew their expired PR Card, and reissue lost, damaged or stolen PR Cards may need to be handled by an agency. The reason why we need help is because we can provide the applicants themselves. Unsolvable services, we are able to do the following for applicants:
 I. Designing a targeted insurance card solution
        According to different classifications, it is possible to provide applicants with various PR card reissue programs:
        1, live full law (if you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office to be answered by the consultant)
        2, the exception method (if you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office to be answered by the consultant)
              1) Accompanying a Canadian spouse
              2) Accompany the full-time assignment PR Card Spouse
              3) I am a full-time assignment
                  (1) Canadian government staff full-time assignment
                  (2) Full-time assignment of Canadian corporate staff
        3, case law (if you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office to be answered by the consultant)
        4, integration method (if you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office to be answered by the consultant)
        5, the experience method (if you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office to be answered by the consultant)
        6, the medium-term card replacement method (if you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office to be answered by the consultant)
        7, take the route method (if you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office to be answered by the consultant)
        8. Supplementary evidence method (If you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office and the consultant will answer it)
        9, the first year of the law (if you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office to be answered by the consultant)
        10. Abandon the law (if you want to know the details, please bring PR card to the company office to be answered by the consultant)
        There are several time points for changing the timing of PR Card:
        1, early card change method
        2. Mid-term card replacement method
        3. Expiration card replacement method
        4, expired card replacement method
        Change the processing speed of PR Card
        1, regular card replacement
        2, expedited card replacement
        According to the different conditions of the customer's PR card, the six major insurance policies are provided.
        1. When the applicant has just landed in Canada, he is ready to apply for PR Card. Our professionals believe that this is a wise choice. Because, in addition to the smooth acquisition of PR Card, it has created very good conditions for applicants to become naturalized in the future;
        2. When the applicant's PR Card is less than 3 months before the expiration, the applicant's PR Card is in a dangerous state at the time, and an expedited plan will be adopted;
        3. When the applicant's PR Card is 6-7 months before the expiration, although it is in a safe period, if there is any problem in one link, it will lead to the expected delay in the future. It is a pity that PR card has expired, which makes it unfortunate. Therefore, the applicant should not take it lightly when adopting the normal treatment plan;
        4. When the applicant's PR Card is at least two years old, it is usually called a security PR card. Regardless of the options offered to the applicant, it is safer for the applicant to obtain PR Card. When the applicant's PR card is less worried, the applicant is also lower.
        5. When the applicant's PR Card expires, the professional lawyer will use the exception clause of the Canadian Immigration Law and design a more reasonable plan according to the actual situation of the applicant, so that the applicant's PR Card will be brought back to life.
        6. At the same time as the insurance card, plan for the next five years in advance, and make a comprehensive consideration for the next five-year insurance card or naturalization, so that it can save worry, save time and effort.
2. Method of correctly accepting the immigration inspection during the application period
        According to the regulations of the Immigration Bureau, during the application of PR Card, the Immigration Bureau may conduct spot checks on the applicant. Even if the applicant fulfills the residency obligation, if it fails to pass the spot check, it will affect the application and approval of PR Card.
        1. Provide a method for correctly handling the spot checks of immigration officials
        2. If the applicant is in Canada, has an address, and has a phone call, then the Immigration Bureau will call you anywhere in Canada at any time. But if the applicant lives in China, this is a problem. Provide you with a reasonable and legal solution to this problem
        3. If you are in China, the applicant finds a friend from Canada and uses his address to use his home phone. However, the immigration office will ask the applicant many private questions during the spot check. Some private questions or even the applicant is I don't want the applicant's friends to know, and once the Immigration Bureau calls you every time, you are likely to think that you are dishonest and suspect that you are not in Canada. This will focus on the applicant's review.
        4. The Immigration Bureau will notify the applicant of the date of the card collection by telephone.
        When the applicant's PR Card is approved, the Immigration Department usually informs the card pick-up location, date, time and matters to be noted by letter, but sometimes due to time constraints, the Immigration Department will notify the applicant by phone. The location of the card and the time of card withdrawal, the applicant must have a Canadian phone with the applicant, the applicant can be notified, otherwise it will affect the applicant's card.
        5, ask the application progress needs to use the Canadian landline phone to enter the immigration telephone service center
        During the application period, the applicant sometimes needs to ask the Canadian Immigration Bureau for the progress of the application, modify the mailing address, supplementary information, etc. If the applicant is in Canada, the Canadian landline telephone can call the Immigration Telephone Service Center at 1-888-242 2100, but The immigration call center phone is not available outside of Canada.
3. Method for reviewing the residence obligations of immigration officers during card collection
        The recent new change of PR card regulations states that the applicant must personally go to the designated immigration office to receive the new PR Card at the designated date and place. I must collect it myself, and no one can lead. Not including children.
        And you need to bring relevant information, these materials are submitted at the time of application, but must be original, usually including:
        1) Original notice of the card issue issued by the Immigration Bureau to the applicant
        2) All Chinese passports (including expired and valid) for the past five years, if the landing is not more than five years with all the original passports since landing;
        3) landing original paper;
        4) Canadian driver's license or Canadian medical card or student ID, these are valid proof of identity of the applicant in Canada;
        5) Original PR Card (The original PR Card must be returned to the Immigration Department when obtaining the new PR Card). If the original PR Card is submitted at the time of submitting PR Card application (applicable when PR Card has expired) , you don't have to pay again.
        6) The child must bring a birth certificate or a birth certificate;
        7) A Canadian Citizen's Pass and a Canadian Passport for a Canadian Spouse must be accompanied by a spouse and must meet the requirements of the accompanying spouse.
        When receiving the new PR Card, it is possible that the immigration officer will review the applicant’s residence obligations for the past five years. Even if PR Card Review Center approves the new PR Card, if the card is not reviewed by the immigration officer at the time of card withdrawal, It is also possible that the new PR Card will not be available.
        At the time of review, the applicant is usually reviewed in the following aspects:
        1) It is possible to check all the historical records of the applicant again;
        2) It is possible to ask the applicant about the work situation in the past five years, the living situation, the relatives (such as the spouse, the place of residence of the child, the time of residence, and work and life);
        3) It is possible to require the applicant to provide more evidence of residence (including work evidence, financial evidence, tax evidence, housing evidence, medical evidence, purchase evidence, communication evidence, etc.)
        The Immigration Bureau stipulates that the new PR Card will be reserved for the applicant for 180 days, that is, six months. If the applicant has not received it after six months, this PR Card will be destroyed. This application is finished, if the applicant wants to get it. PR card, you have to apply again.
        In order to improve the safety factor of customers when they take the card, it is usually designed to avoid the immigration officer's cross-examination. There are generally three strategies:
        1. The best policy: When the immigration officer interviews, he will find that the applicant is eligible and does not need to review it again. The immigration officer will not question it. In plain language, it is “exemption from inspection”;
        2, the Chinese policy: use the correct and appropriate method to respond to the review of the immigration officer;
        3. Lower policy: Provide sufficient evidence to the immigration officer that the applicant has fulfilled his two-year residency obligations.
        According to the appropriate countermeasures, it is enough to ensure that the applicant successfully obtains PR card.
4. Return to Canada for training in questioning
        When permanent residents return to Canada, they face the cross-examination of the Immigration Bureau. In order to prove that you are a Canadian citizen or resident, Customs will ask you to show proof of identity, including a birth certificate, a Quebec baptism certificate, a passport, a citizenship certificate, a permanent resident registration record, and an Aboriginal identity certificate. If you are carrying a child who is not a child, the child needs to have his or her identity and needs a letter of authorization from his or her parent or guardian to prove that you are authorized to bring a few children to travel. If you are not sure what to declare How to answer the customs cross-examination. Before the applicant goes to Canada, we will remind the applicant of the relevant matters and provide relevant training for the applicant.
V. Card training and immigration officer interview simulation
        Generally, the processing time of PR Card is about 5 months. Applicants must personally pick up the letter to the designated place and cannot accept it. The immigration department will save the applicant for 180 days after the card is made. If the applicant fails to collect it within the time limit, the card will be destroyed. The applicant must reapply at the time. Tianjin Kayide Company and the company have 80% of the national customer base. Under the premise of high efficiency and quality assurance, we continuously optimize our services.
        In order to alleviate the psychological burden of our customers, we have designed a plan to avoid the immigration investigation. The immigration officer has observed the reaction of the other party through a brief problem in a few dozen seconds. Tianjin Kayide Company and Company is a professional company engaged in the preservation of PR Card industry earlier in the country. There are special staff members who stay in the immigration bureau of each city in Canada. They always pay attention to the change policy of PR Card. According to these, we will classify The local interviewer prefers to ask questions. As a staff member who has stayed in Canada for many years, I will recommend the applicant's interview location based on the applicant's situation.
        According to our return visits to customers, many customers are asking for the card and answering the immigration officer's question, due to different psychological conditions. These problems are classified and analyzed, and then an effective solution is proposed. Tianjin Kayide Company and the company have employees staying in Canada, paying attention to their immigration policies and timely feedback to the company, and have card collection every day. All customers will feedback new progress. Our company's lawyer team is the applicant. Tailor-made a set of programs, the purpose is to allow immigration officers to respond to immigration officers without a question and a clever means.
VI. Query permanent resident identity information
        Some permanent residents may have been questioned by customs during the past few years, interrogated by immigration officials, and some left some bad records in the immigration’s bottom file on other occasions. When applying for a new PR Card, the applicant's bottom file is transferred out as part of the application review. If the record is unfavourable to the applicant, the approval of the application will definitely be affected.
        But these records are in the safe of the Immigration Bureau. How can I get it? How can we know ourselves and know how to win? This is what every applicant wants to know. If there is a way to know what information is recorded on the bottom of the immigration safe, especially if you want to know if there is any information that is unfavorable to your application, it will be very significant. Therefore, providing such a service is a practical value that has a special display.
        Another service is for lost landing paper.
        The landing paper is a very important document to prove the identity of the applicant. It is indispensable and must be provided in the process of applying for PR Card. The loss of landing paper may not be a loss of Canadian identity, but it is a very troublesome thing for the applicant.
        For a Canadian permanent resident, there are two documents that prove their immigration status. The first one is landing paper and the second one is PR Card. The greater advantage of landing paper as an immigration identity document is that it has no expiration date. In other words, the landing paper takes effect from the date you land in Canada, and it has not expired, which means that the validity period of the landing paper is infinite. PR Card is not. PR Card is currently valid for five years and needs to be replaced with a new PR Card every five years. Therefore, as the importance of immigration documents, the landing paper is more important, and it can be compared with the image: the landing paper is the household registration book, and PR card is equivalent to the identity card. If the ID card is lost, you can take the account book to reissue it, but the account is lost. You can't take the ID card to make it up.
        Therefore, an important service is to provide applicants with a very realistic role and value in trying to obtain new landing papers approved by the Canadian Immigration Service. Therefore, in the event that important documents are recovered, the applicant has a considerable chance of obtaining a PR Card.
VII. Provision of an alternative insurance plan (application for obstacles)
In the process of applying, you will encounter various possible problems and difficulties. such as:
1. Some applicants' applications have not been approved by PR Card Review Center.
2. Some applicants' applications were approved by PR Card Review Center, but for various reasons, they did not pass the interview of the immigration officer during the card retrieval. As a result, although PR Card was approved, the new PR Card was also made. But not taken;
3. Some applicants were asked to go to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal to prove to the immigration judge that they had fulfilled their residency obligations in Canada and that they did not retain their permanent resident status because they did not have sufficient evidence;
4. Some applicants did not answer the questions of the customs officials or immigration officials about fulfilling their residency obligations when they entered, or because the language relationship was wrongly understood by the officials. The result was not answered and was asked to sign an oath to abandon the permanent resident of Canada. book.
5. Some applicants are not familiar with the application process. After the approval of the new PR Card, they apply to the Canadian embassies and consulates for one-time implementation of the documents. Since there is not enough proof that they have fulfilled their residency obligations, the consulate requested to go to the immigration. The Court of Appeal, the result of which failed the application;
6. Some applicants believe that the immigration law stipulates that the problem of fulfilling their residency obligations can be solved by means of assignment. Therefore, if you set up your own company, or you call a company, and then apply for a new PR card, the application will fail.
7. Some applicants have found an inexperienced company, have no in-depth understanding of the Canadian immigration law, and apply for a new PR card for him on a natural basis, resulting in a clear violation of the Canadian immigration law in the application, resulting in the application failure;
No matter which of the above possible situations, it is a "cooked rice". In this case, it is very difficult to cook the rice again. Based on our many years of experience, we will formulate a corresponding insurance policy based on the difficulties faced by the applicant. Based on the applicant's reality and Canadian local policies, a second set of alternatives, or even a third set of alternatives, was initiated until the applicant's Canadian status was not lost.
Eight. Maple card transfer to the overall design
There are also different places where PR Card and the naturalization are the same:
The same thing is: the retention of PR Card and naturalization are subject to residence obligations.
There are four different places:
1. The time period for review and the time for fulfilling the residency obligations are different:
1) PR Card is retained for two years in five years;
2) Naturalization must be completed for three consecutive years;
2. Different restrictions:
1) There are no restrictions on retaining PR Card. Even if the residence obligation is not fulfilled, PR Card can still be retained as long as it meets the three exceptions proposed by the Canadian Immigration Service;
2) Naturalization is not the case. It must be met for three years in Canada for three consecutive years. There must be no exceptions, and no other method can be used to replace the residence time;
3. The requirements for exams and interviews are different:
Keeping PR Card does not require a Canadian Common Sense exam, as long as you pick up the card yourself;
Naturalization requires participation in Canadian common sense exams and interviews;
4, the process is different
Keep PR card as long as you go to the Immigration Office to get the card.
Naturalization requires an oath, after singing the national anthem and other ceremonies.
The focus of the insurance card is to live in Canada for two years in the past five years. As long as the residence obligation is fulfilled, the new PR card can be exchanged reasonably and legally without any additional conditions. Moreover, while approving PR Card for the applicant, it also provides the applicant with the planned service in advance in the next five years, and makes overall consideration for the retention of PR Card or naturalization for the next five years, and conducts comprehensive planning. For the applicant to replace the new PR card, it will lay the foundation for the applicant's citizenship; including providing a better match for the couple's Canadian status, providing a better match of the three-person status; thus the applicant can be more worry-free, time-saving and labor-saving .
IX. Baofeng Yeka one-stop service
From the beginning of the applicant's application for entrustment, whether it is domestic or foreign, Tianjin Kayide and the company will provide one-stop service.
One-stop services include:
1. Help the applicant to carry out PR card status assessment, and propose a reasonable PR card renewal plan based on the evaluation results;
2. Assist the applicant to order the application form package from the Immigration Bureau;
3. Provide tutorials to guide applicants to pay PR Card service fee charged by the Canadian government;
4. Assist the applicant to calculate the time spent in Canada during the past five years and outside of Canada.
5. Assist the applicant to determine the application address and the mailing address
6. Assist the applicant to determine the contact number required for the application.
7. Keep the applicant informed of the new policies and laws and regulations regarding PR Card.
8. Assist the applicant to submit an application
9. Provide tutorials to guide applicants to check the application status.
10. Provide PR card application plan with different progress such as routine and expedited
11, provide access to training counseling
12, provide card training training
13. Provide ticket purchase service
14. Provide multiple insurance plans
15. Adjust the application plan at any time according to the policy changes of the Canadian Immigration Service.
16. Provide a tutorial for the approval of the tutorial to guide the applicant to see if his application has been approved.
17. Provide pick-up service and accommodation service
18. Providing services to accompany various Canadian documents
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